Probably the brightest display lasers on the planet[3]
Actually anyone wants a bright laser, but only few understand, that this is not just having lots of Watts. Finally, everything is about light intensity and maintaining this intensity over distance: Half the power means half the brightness. But twice the diameter of a beam means approx. just a quarter of effective brightness (as the beam expands in two directions). So, beam diameter and divergence have a stronger influence on visibility than the output power of a laser.
A high effective brightness has been the primary goal when developing the sparks® series. Optically pumped semiconductor laser technology and advanced pre-collimation optics inside the laser modules provide excellent beam parameters at high output powers. But this was still not enough: Thanks to LOBO‘s unique post-collimated scanning system PCS the overall brightness of sparks® laser systems is increased to 900% in comparison to conventional optically pumped semiconductor laser systems. This has been made possible by re-engineering the whole optical path inside the projector. While many manufacturers want to compensate this by just adding more lasers into their projectors, even the smallest and cheapest sparks® RGB system with PCS is still brighter than most of such solutions:

Advanced thermal design

Even the best laser projector is useless if it does not withstand typical operating temperatures. Thanks to their triplestage active cooling system, sparks® laser modules can be operated at an ambient temperature of more than 45°C. But even more important: Unlike conventional solutions on the market, the patented and awarded design of the SGP-3 projector housing and the PowerDeck SDP-8 allows for an individual and insulated cooling of each laser module, eliminating the typical misalignments due to thermal stress on the optical table.

Future-proof modular design

A sparks® system can be individualized to any given application, even on a per-job basis, as its laser modules can almost be changed as easily as the cartridges of a printer. As LOBO provides a huge variety of laser modules of different basic colors and of different power classes, there is always the right laser for each job. Anytime, it is possible to reconfigure or to expand a sparks® laser system; be it for higher output powers, for upgrades to more advanced laser technologies, for more colors or just to split up the lasers of one projector to many. Thanks to the modular approach you can start with a projector featuring just one single module and expand to more colors anytime at comparatively low investment costs. No matter which way you choose, sparks® systems adapt to your budget and your business strategy. It is hardly possible making a wrong investment.

The perfect basis for each application
The sparks® system provides two main platforms to set up individual projector solutions:
  • The innovative compact design projector SGP-3, housing up to 3 laser modules, is the perfect choice for most applications, thanks to easy handling, flexible installation and a fast re-configuration of the system. Its compact size is not just ideal for mobile applications; its stunning iF- and reddot-awarded design also convinces in most design-sensitive environments.

  • With the PowerDeck SPD-8, LOBO introduces a rock-solid technical basis for permament installations or for extraordinary brightness demands, as it features 8 mounting bays for laser modules. A multicolor system basing on the PowerDeck can reach unbelievable max. brightness values of more than 20000 W/m2 at typical output powers of more than 100 Watts! The PowerDeck‘s spacious optical table not only allows for complex, individual optical setups, it also can supply a whole armada of external projectors via glass fibers.

The perfect color for each job

Thanks to the optimal wavelengths of the red, green and blue modules, such a RGB sparks® system covers an extremely wide color gamut and bases on those primary colors perceived by the eye to be the brightest. Especially the color range between blue and green (e.g. purple, red, orange, yellow,...) is covered practically loss-free. Those applications demanding for an even wider gamut can add up all basic colors inside the PowerDeck. Sometimes, you can save a lot of money, as many applications do not require three modules to display the colors you need. For example, combining just a blue and a yellow module or an azure and an orange module, already gives you any shade of color between these two basic colors, including white! Sometimes it also makes sense to get started with just one single module, as it is still possible to expand the system anytime by integrating further basic colors.

Semiconductor lasers can easily be damaged, when not operated within their individual current, color modulation and cooling parameters. Sparks® systems store these parameters inside the laser heads and automatically pass them to the power supply and the Laser Array Manager, making installation and module change safe and easy.

Digital Data Link DDL-2®
LOBO’s ILDA-awarded DDL® system controls many independent projectors by one optical signal line over large distances, irrespective of weather or electromagnetic interference. DDL® devices include safety monitoring systems initiating an emergency shutdown in less than 0.005 s in the rare case of safety-critical errors. This makes DDL® one of the most progressive laser safety systems on the market. The sparks® series is even compatible to the advanced DDL-2® standard, allowing the status monitoring (e.g. current, actual laser power, head temperature, operating hours...) and the remote configuration of the system from the controller. As any DDL® device, sparks® also features analog connectors for conventional control platforms (e.g. ILDA Standard).

Rigid Design
All structural parts of the innovative exoframe design projector as well as the laser modules are CNC-milled from a single block of aluminum. This approach ensures highest stiffness, precision and rigidity at a dramatically decreased weight.

Maintenance-free and Re-Alignment-free
The sparks® series has been designed for maintenance-free and reliable operation under continuous duty. In contrast to established multi-color lasers using diode lasers there is no need for permanent re-alignment even in road use. The lifetime of the modules is up to 20.000 hours.

Easy to mount
The projector SGP-3 and its base rack SBR-3 can also be operated and mounted independently in any orientation without adversely affecting its cooling. Camloc connectors and a quick-lock tilting mechanism make it very easy to point the laser effects where you want them.

A high long-term value
Modularity extends the overall lifetime and usability of a sparks® laser system significantly. Taking into consideration, that LOBO systems maintain a high value even over decades and achieve unparalleled prices when selling a used systems, it is the best long-term investment one could imagine.