Real beam overlay
Many people are astonished when comparing the real-life performance of even most established diode lasers with their alleged power and beam specifications. In fact, not many diode lasers on the market meet the typically specified divergence value of 1 mrad and the manufacturer‘s power specifications. And in spite of high powers they are sometimes looking fuzzy and dim. But why? Due to the lack of red and blue lasers of satisfying power and beam characteristics, diode lasers became quite popular. Most diode lasers use tiny micro-mechanics to align the weak beams of small laser diodes parallel to each other. Already at the output, the beam is very thick and due to the limited mechanical accuracy, the beams misalign after a short distance. And as it is not a real overlay, but only a parallel alignment of beams, it can never result in a sharp, bright laser beam. With the bliss® series, LOBO introduces a new generation of diode laser systems, basing on very powerful laser diodes with supreme beam parameters. Not more than 2 diodes of each color are accurately overlaid using the polarization technique and laboratory-grade components. So the diodes really sum up their brightness and you really have the power in the air and not just inside the projector.

PCS for 9 times increased brightness
Actually anyone wants a bright laser, but only few understand that this is not just having lots of Watts. It is even more important having a good beam quality. Because finally, everything is about light intensity and maintaining this intensity over distance: Half the power means half the brightness. But twice the diameter of a beam means approximately just a quarter of effective brightness (as the beam grows in two directions). So, the beam diameter and its divergence have a stronger influence on the final visibility than the actual output power of a laser. Similar to the revolutionary sparks® series, also in bliss® projectors LOBO‘s unique post-collimated scanning system PCS increases the overall brightness to 900% in comparison to conventional diode laser systems.

Maintenance-free design
Bliss® has been designed for maintenance-free and reliable operation under continuous duty. In contrast to established diode lasers it has no micro-mechanics for beam alignment anymore. Thus, there is no need for permanent re-alignment of the projector even in road use. The typical lifetime of the modules is more than 10.000 hours. An integrated ESD protection system eliminates one of the most critical reasons for accidental damage and laser diode failure.

bliss®-XT - designed for professionals
The new bliss®-XT projector provides extreme performance on a small footprint and indispensable features for professional use: A reliable operation under permanent duty even under extreme ambient temperatures and this in virtually any orientation; but also Camloc connectors for easy mounting on truss systems and a solid handle bar, which goes all around the unit. Just by releasing a few screws, the whole slide-in module with electronics and optics can be taken out and thus, is accessible from all sides for servicing. In addition, also the complete dust-proof optical module can easily be removed from the slide-in module for an easy access.

The bliss®-XT projector is ideal for noise-sensitive environments, such as theaters and planetariums. Thanks to an intelligent projector design and a sophisticated cooling concept featuring especially milled heat sinks, very large, slowly rotating and whisper-quiet fans can be used.