Visionary Ergonomics for Projection Design
Designing laser shows on limited space is a real challenge, as typical office and studio solutions fo not really match your requirements. You need a certain distance and darkness for projection, a projection surface of adequate size, a monitor which does not obstruct the projection and a lot of addtional space, for example for a graphics tablet, a sound mixer or just for documents. Most of the setups we have seen rather look like an interim solutions than a professional workstation. The new Design Station DS-7 provides an extremely productive infrastructure for these applications. Its screen and the lowered monitor platform gives you the perfect real-life impression of the projection and the corresponding information on up to two monitors in a perfect arrangement on the same eye-friendly focus distance. The whole workstation is curved around the designer with vast space for storyboards, drawings, additional equipment and anything else, you need for your show. The Operator Table DT-7 is the ideal solution for applications which are monitorbased, but still require a perfect view on what is going on in front of you. This makes it perfect for sound studios, permamently installed operator desks, for video or show directors or for general surveillance tasks. The Working Table WT-7 transfers the same design philosophy on a common working table, which can complement one of the above mentioned solutions at the same working radius or which can be used as a standalone solution as well.

Inspiring Working Environment for Creatives
When it comes to creative tasks, it is absolutely essential to provide an inspiring, yet effective workspace. Thanks to the sophisticated light absorber, we take the designers out of their typical dark corners into friendly and bright working environments. The Design Station’s small footprint does not block much more space than a regular double-table. Its supreme look-and-feel will make your work more enjoyable day by day and at the same time its perfect ergonomics will reduce fatigue even when once again having to work through the night.

Easy Installation
The Design Station features covered cable ducts below the work plate and inside the vertical tubes. So, the desk looks always clean and tidy. The Light Absorber features vertical clamping bands to allow for a most flexible installation of various projection equipment, such as laser projectors or video projectors.

It was important to us that the Design Station is not a special solution just for LOBO users. So, we kept the design so open and simple that it is an universal solution for most applications requiring projections parallel to the use of monitors.