Unparalleled long-range brightness
The core of any infinty beam® projector is a photonic engine with up to 4 ultra-high-power OPSL laser modules. Each of these lasers delivers output powers up to 26 W with a reference-quality TEM00 beam, resulting in total max. powers in the 100 W range. But to deliver its unparalleled reach and real-life brightness, just a lot of Watts is not enough.

The effective brightness of a laser system finally depends on the light intensity in the air and on maintaining this intensity over long distances: Twice the power means twice the brightness. But half the diameter of a beam means an increase of approximately 4 times in effective brightness (as the beam shrinks in two directions). So the beam diameter and its divergence have a much stronger influence on the final visibility than just the output power of a laser. Thus, investing money in a better beam makes more sense than investing it in more Watts.

The estabilshed PCS9 system introduced with sparks already reduced the beam divergence by 3 times, resulting in a 32 = 9 times increased effective brightness.

The completely new DSC long-range optics inside infinity beam results in a phenomenal increase in brightness on long distances up to 50 times! A laser entertainment system with such specifications changes the whole game and opens new dimensions in entertaining the masses.

Even the brigthtest regular searchlights are looking poor on long distances compared to what infinity beam projectors can do. Crossing distances of up to 60 km suddenly become reality.

With the new long-range projection head, infinty beam projectors even deliver convincing results under adverse conditions, such as a high ambient light level or long distances.

A professional entertainment laser without compromises
For regular show use, there is a wide choice of solutions on the market. But when it comes to aerial beams or long-range projections, laser companies always were forced to develop custom-made and sometimes very adventurous individual setups.

Some companies even experiment with industry lasers, originally built for completely different things. But such lasers lack anything you need for show applications. They are bulky and sensitive as they have not been designed for road use, but for controlled industry- or laboratory-degree environments.

Infinity beam® provides an extremely flexible multi-color outdoor infrastructure for long-range applications and giant show performances without any compromises anymore:

  • Compact, flexible, self-sufficient design (no sensitive and bulky half-ton machines, no fibers,...)
  • Easy to install and operate (industry lasers are not made for road use requiring a lot of expertise)
  • Maintenance-free design (industry lasers require regular and very expensive servicing)
  • Completely air-cooled up to 35°C (high-power industry lasers require water cooling)
  • Rigid, weather-proof design (industry lasers are built for controlled, laboratory degree conditions only)
  • Continuous Wave (CW) output for long-distance audience-scanning atmospherics and projections (industry lasers are usually pulsed and not permitted for regular show applications)
  • Multi-color output (industry lasers usually are available in green color only)
  • In spite of lower output powers, a higher beam intensity on long distances thanks to DSC. The following chart compares the typical effective laser brightness of an established 400 W industrial laser, sold for show applications, with the typical values of a 26 W infinity beam system on a distance of 10 km - in spite of a fraction of the output power and the same color, infinity beam is brighter by far:

The calculations have been effected on the basis of the ELB formula in the LOBO main catalog and the specifications published by the respective manufacturers at the date of pubilshing (15.01.2014). LOBO does not assume any reliability for the correctness of these specifications.

Built for Extremes
Infinity beam® systems are native outdoor projectors. Thanks to their dual-shell stainless steel IP54 housing, they are built for temporary outdoor use without the need for further protective housings. Anything inside is built to handle extreme power densites, which would destroy regular market-standard components immediately. This starts with supreme optical components and ends with especially designed scanning systems.

Integrated System Design
It takes a lot of expertise and sophisticated cooling systems, to operate long-range laser systems. Usually they require external units, such as chillers with water cooling. LOBO managed to integrate all components, including a cooling system for high ambient temperatures, into an compact enclosure. This allows easy handling, transport, short setup times and a hazzle-free operation.

Future-proof modular Design
An infinity beam® projector can be individualized to any given application by flexible laser configurations and exchangeable display heads, such as beam heads or scanning heads for mid-range and long-range jobs. Anytime you can decide to add further lasers, to change the display head or to go for the moving base option. So, your infininty beam system exactly adapts to your changing needs on the basis of the existing system and without major re-investments.

Advanced Control and Synchronization
DDL-2® controls many independent systems by one optical signal line over large distances, irrespective of weather or electromagnetic interference. A system-inherent safety logic allows the safety monitoring systems of all components to initiate an emergency safety shutdown. All system functions and status monitoring can not only be controlled from the detachable reomote control. but also from the show controller.

Systems with beam display heads can also be completely controlled by DMX, including the movement of the Moving Head Base.

On the basis of the LACON-5® control platform, distributed infinity beam® systems can be accurately synchronized over any distances by GPS - even between continents!

Virtually maintenance-free
The infinity beam® series has been designed for maintenance-free and reliable operation under continuous duty. In contrast to established solutions, there is no need for permanent re-alignment even in road use. The typical lifetime of the laser units is more than 10.000 hours.

Easy to handle
The projector is designed for fast installation. The head can easily be mounted on the moving base and even balanced with an innovative quick-lock connector. Camloc connectors allow easy truss mounting.

Free Safety Training and Certification
It takes a lot of expertise handling laser systems of the inifnity beam class in a professional and safe way in accordance to all applicable safety standards. In addition to multi-redundant technical safety measures in each system, LOBO tries to reach a maximum safety standard by including free laser safety training with a certification according to BGVB 2 (VBG 93) for the operators of each system sold.