Modular System Architecture
MODULA® is based on a new hardware approach, as you find it in professional highend controllers and routing systems. In contrast to conventional PCs, this solution is open to almost unlimited expansion allowing an easy scaling of the system without bottlenecks. Thus, MODULA® adapts and grows in accordance with requirements.

Realtime-UNIX OS
MODULA® works with a realtime-optimized UNIX-system with micro kernel structure, as is frequently used in safety-critical applications, such as cash dispensers or space craft control systems. “Blue Screens” and unpredictable drops in the system performance familiar from conventional PCs are a thing of the past.

Digital Data Link DDL®
LOBO’s ILDA-awarded optical data transmission system with system-inherent safety logic is available as an option for MODULA-5® systems. Hence, MODULA® can control all projectors equipped with DDL® or DDL-2®. MODULA-7® natively supports DDL-2® with all remote administration and monitoring features.

Premium Support
MODULA® users receive dedicated support right from the start: extensive individual training in the LOBO facilities, printed documentation as well as telephone support by our developers ensure the best possible use of the system.