Here you find answers to all frequently asked questions in regards of the conference. 


In case that you have any questions about the conerence, taveling or the local facilities, please do not hesitate to contact LOBO by E-Mail:



Q: What will be the weather like during this time of the year in Germany?

Actually late fall time could be anything from fresh, but sunny weather to heavy snowfalls. Be prepared for temperatures between -5 to 20 C and snowfall or rain.




Q: What equipment will be available at the Laser Light Jockey Battle and the Lase-Off?


We will have a set of 5 Taipan projectors, all arranged in a row for atmospheric displays as well as the central projector for animations on a rear projection screen. Those lasers will be connected to an electronic ILDA-switchboard (built by Horacio/LaserNet - thanks!!!), allowing multiple control platforms to hook up to the installed lasers by means of ILDA standard connectors.


According to what we currently know, the following control equipment will be available:

Q: Where to travel along the German Autobahn without speed limits?

In fact, long passages off the German Autobahn network do not have any speed limits. Close to major cities and depending on traffic, speed limits might apply. Not following the indicated speed limits might result in high penalties. The following PDF files show you the sections about speed limits marked in blue:


As the map is not completely up-to-date, we can not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the map.

Please note that driving at high speeds requires a lot of experience and practice. If not used to high speeds, you could end up in really dangerous situations. Even at those highways without speed limits always drive slower as you feel safe. Drive slowly and carefully in curves and areas with lots of traffic. Always keep enough distance and never block the left lane for traffic coming from the rear side. carefully observe the rear traffic before changing to the left lane before overtaking any cars. Cars approaching at high speeds might come closer as you expect. Please familiarize yourself with German traffic regulations prior to riding a car in Germany.


More details can be found on the following website:


(We do not take any responsibility for the correctness of any externally linked information.)

Q: How to access the Limes Thermen Spa?

The Spa and the hotel are two separate buildings, connected by a corridor. You can purchase tickets in form of a so-called chip coin at the reception desk of the hotel at reduced rates.

You can use the complimentary bathrobes and thongs to walk over to the Spa through the corridor. You can access the Spa by inserting the chip coin into the slot at the turnstile.

The Spa is divided into a general bath with several thermal pools and a sauna complex on the lower floor. There are also a few sauna-like cabins outside the dedicated sauna area, where you can keep on your swimwear, while the sauna complex is a nudist zone (see below). To hotel guests the access to the sauna complex is free of charge. You just have to use your chip coin to enter the sauna through the turnstile.

If you do not change at the hotel room but require a locker at the Spa, please ask at the hotel reception for a card which can be inserted into the locker instead of the chip coin to use and to remove its key. The locker key provides a clip to safely store the chip coin at it's wristband.

Q: What means garment-free in the Sauna of the Limes Thermen Spa?

The dedicated sauna complex of the Spa is a nudist zone. When accessing this area of the Spa through a separate turnstile, you are supposed to completely undress. Except Monday evening (lady sauna), the whole complex is accessed by both, men and women at the same time.

Certainly you are free to use the hotel bathrobes or to wrap around a towel outside the sauna cabin. While inside the sauna you should sit on your towel and take special care that there is always a towel below you and the bench to avoid that sweat is dripping onto the wood.

For many people it might be a little bit strange being naked in such public areas. But in the company of nudists, no one feels naked. You will soon recognize that Germans and Europeans are much more comfortable with being naked than in most other countries and no one feels ashamed, if not having a supermodel's body. And despite being naked, there is nothing sexual about saunas in Germany. So, staring at others and keeping on swimwear is not acceptable behavior and could result in a strong public tongue lashing.