LOBO Laser Display in Mercedes CES Show Car

The autonomously driving Mercedes prototype F 015 uses an integrated laser display to communicate with pedestrians and other cars.




The vehicle can indicate by means of laser where it will come to a complete stop. [photo: Daimler AG]

New bliss projectors from LOBO

LOBO presents two new compact laser projectors on the basis of their bliss platform, especially for nightclubs, stage and touring applications.


The new all-diode bliss-XT laser projector (left) and the new bliss-XS, equipped with Coherent Taipan Lasers (right).

LOBO installation set to break all records

On New Year’s Eve, LOBO launches the world’s largest display laser installation.


Projections and beams at the TV tower, situated high above Ashgabat City.

LOBO installs sparks in Hamedan

Laser show and multimedia specialist LOBO launched a new multimedia tourist attraction with a „sparks“ laser system in the ancient Persian city of Hamedan.


In Hamedan LOBO installed a new tourist attraction, featuring fountains, ultra-bright sparks lasers,....