New Laser Moving Head by LOBO

With the Zaphir®, LOBO presents a new generation of laser moving heads. Faster, more precise and more comfortable to control than the units so far available on the market.


Wonders of the World in the Europa Park

After only 3 weeks of installation works, LOBO takes a new multimedia attraction in the revolving theater located in the world's largest seasonal theme park into operation.



LOBO Laser in Jurassic Park

LOBO takes a new multimedia theater into operation located in a theme park near Shanghai.



In Changzhou is the Chinese of Jurassic Park - the stylized necks of three brontosaurs are the landmark of the park.

Laser Technology For Amusement Parks

At the TiLE in Strasbourg the German Company LOBO electronic showed for the first time how laser light can be combined with other progressive techniques to become a fascinating medium for entertaining masses of spectators in amusement parks as well as in planetariums.


LOBO Lasertechnik unsichtbar in das Auge von Osiris integriert