A kind of magic...

2 million visitors attended the Muscat Festival in Oman with LOBO’s giant anniversary show.


In Oman, LOBO created a show, leading the headlines in newspapers for days.

LOBO installs sparks in Hamedan

Laser show and multimedia specialist LOBO launched a new multimedia tourist attraction with a „sparks“ laser system in the ancient Persian city of Hamedan.


In Hamedan LOBO installed a new tourist attraction, featuring fountains, ultra-bright sparks lasers,....

LOBO bei "Planet Wissen"

Die populäre Fernsehsendung blickt hinter die Kulissen der weltweit berühmten Lasershow-Schmiede


Moderatorin Birgit Klaus zusammen mit Laser-Papst Prof. Hügel und LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig.
[Foto: SWR]

Laser Visions for BMW

LOBO‘s ultra-bright "sparks" lasers stage BMW‘s latest eco-car in Leipzig


At first, it is not more than an unreal shadow between two dazzling light planes...
[Photo: BMW Group]