LOBO breaks 150 ILDA Awards mark

Wednesday, November 19th, Las Vegas: LOBO’s Creative Director Alexander Hennig accepts LOBO’s 15th ILDA Award on the occasion of the annual meeting of the International Laser Display Association – world record!


This photo has been one of the ILDA Award winners this year.

LOBO offers fascinating Live experiences for German chart breaker LICHTMOND

LOBO transforms the dream worlds of the successful LICHTMOND project into live experiences for rental projects and permanent attractions.


LOBO has created a complete media kit around the chart breaker "LICHTMOND 3".

LOBO bei CyberOne Award

LOBO-Geschäftsführer Lothar Bopp hält Festrede bei der Verleihung des High-Tech-Awards CyberOne


Lothar Bopp hält seine Rede vor dem Finanzminister und weiteren Prominenten aus Wirtschaft und Politik.

New bliss projectors from LOBO

LOBO presents two new compact laser projectors on the basis of their bliss platform, especially for nightclubs, stage and touring applications.


The new all-diode bliss-XT laser projector (left) and the new bliss-XS, equipped with Coherent Taipan Lasers (right).