LOBO’s laser gun shoots beyond all limits

With their new „infinity beam“, LOBO just launched a completely new product category of long-range laser systems and sky-tracking laser moving heads. Beyond its spectacular look, it is beating existing long-range lasers and conventional searchlights in almost every aspect.



LOBO's new infininty beam creates a new product category for large-scale laser enterainment.

A triumphal success

On invitation of LOBO, the largest-ever international laser show meeting took place in Aalen/Germany in November


Some events took place at the LOBO Headquarter.

LOBO opens Research Day 2013

With a lead time of just 40 hours, LOBO staged an individual laser performance for the inauguration of the Research Day organized by the State of Baden-Württemberg.


All of a sudden laser flashes twitch above the heads, lavish logo animations seem to appear from nowhere onto an approx. 100 square meter large screen, overlaid by dazzling, three-dimensional sculptures crossing the hall above the guests.

LOBO-Spektakel zum 400. Geburtstag

LOBO inszeniert mit einem multimedialen Highlight das 400-jährige Jubiläum des Dekorpapierherstellers Munksjö


LOBO schuf ein multimediales Highlight zum 400. Jubiläum von Munksjö