LOBO sets new standards in the Middle East

Together with LOBO’s General Manager Lothar Bopp, Dubai’s Secretary of Commerce inaugurates the largest light and sound trade fair of the Middle East at the World Trade Center Dubai


Dubai’s Secretary of Commerce H.E. Sami Dhaen Qamzi and Lothar Bopp...

A kind of magic...

2 million visitors attended the Muscat Festival in Oman with LOBO’s giant anniversary show.


In Oman, LOBO created a show, leading the headlines in newspapers for days.

LOBO installs sparks in Hamedan

Laser show and multimedia specialist LOBO launched a new multimedia tourist attraction with a „sparks“ laser system in the ancient Persian city of Hamedan.


In Hamedan LOBO installed a new tourist attraction, featuring fountains, ultra-bright sparks lasers,....

LOBO bei "Planet Wissen"

Die populäre Fernsehsendung blickt hinter die Kulissen der weltweit berühmten Lasershow-Schmiede


Moderatorin Birgit Klaus zusammen mit Laser-Papst Prof. Hügel und LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig.
[Foto: SWR]