LOBO stages a monumental spectacular for Wirtgen

For Wirtgen, LOBO created the opulent „Show of Synergies“ with giant mining machines, more than 20 artists and uncounted special effects.





A monumental spectacular for all senses

LOBO scooped ILDA Awards in Dubai

LOBO received 7 Awards during the annual ILDA Conference in Dubai - more than any other enterprise.


LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig received at the Award's Ceremony in Dubai more awards than any other enterprise.

Innovative Laser Display on the Bosch IAA stand

On the Bosch exhibition stand of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, LOBO created an elegant laser projection solution for Bosch Mobility Solutions




Subtle, reduced and elegant: laser projections onto large prints in the background of the booth.

LOBO Laser Display in Mercedes CES Show Car

The autonomously driving Mercedes prototype F 015 uses an integrated laser display to communicate with pedestrians and other cars.




The vehicle can indicate by means of laser where it will come to a complete stop. [photo: Daimler AG]








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