LOBO finishes record-breaking Year with Multi-Million Dollar Contract

In the end of the most successful year in the company's history, LOBO implements a public multi-million Dollar project for a government in Asia.

All those who came in the evening to the South-German city of Aalen during the last weeks, have frequently seen laser beams above the city center. The reason for this unusual night spectacular: LOBO tested and prepared 9 long-range laser systems of the highest brightness class for a government project in Asia. It is one of the biggest projects in the company's history in the multi-million Dollar range.


LOBO president Lothar Bopp: "At the moment, I am not allowed to tell any further details. But it will be a permanently installed system, which definitely will cause a lot of sensation and which will officially be launched at New Year's Eve."


LOBO just finishes the most successful year in its history. The company is expected to more than double its revenue in comparison to last year.


Bopp: "We observed an especially strong demand in complete show solutions and effect modules this year, for which LOBO served as a one-stop provider for both, the concept and it's technical implementation. A service, which is attractive for our clients as well as for their agencies. LOBO can supply its multi-awarded creative and technical services even on short notice and from one single source on an extraordinarily high quality level. Probably unlike any other, we create synergies, which have a positive effect on the overall experience, but certainly also on the price."