LOBO installs sparks in Hamedan

Laser show and multimedia specialist LOBO launched a new multimedia tourist attraction with a „sparks“ laser system in the ancient Persian city of Hamedan.

With roughly 5000 years of history as the capital of the Meder empire, Hamedan ranks among the oldest cities in the world. It is said that the three Magi set forth for their long journey to Jerusalem from this city which is located 2000 m above sea level in the Zagros foothills.


Thanks to its historic heritage, Hamedan offers a huge variety of interesting historical sites. Unique monuments and relicts from ancient times can be seen all around the city. In the outskirts of the city, a large-scale touristic project is currently built with various attractions embedded in park-like developments. As one of the most experienced solution providers and the most awarded company in the industry, LOBO was inquired to participate in the design of an outdoor show area already in 2009.


The show arena for up to 2000 spectators which directly adjoins to a war memorial was especially created around a purpose-built lake and offers laser and video projections onto a 40 m wide Water Screen and a sophisticated 100 m wide musical fountain system with individually controllable nozzles and numerous moveable water effects which reach height of up to 60 meters.


LOBO‘s Creative director Alexander Hennig: „The venue is really impressive and offers perfect conditions for a show. The project team of this project has done a perfect job regarding the size and orientation of the lake and the optimal position of the seating gallery towards the projection surface.“


During the first on-site visit of LOBO‘s engineers, the system was put into operation and the three show programs which are mainly dedicated to the touristic attractions of the city were installed for entirely automated operation on the basis of LOBO's  media control system LACON-5.


Alexander Hennig: „As a European, I was virtually overwhelmed by the vitality, openness and hospitality of the people here. We really wanted to express this attitude in our shows. And obviously, we were quite succcessful, as large crowds were gathering during the rehearsals along the streets above the venue every night.