A kind of magic...

2 million visitors attended the Muscat Festival in Oman with LOBO’s giant anniversary show.

Already hours before, people gather around the large artificial lake at the festival area of Qurum Park in the heart of Muscat. They want to witness the magical multimedia spectacle, which has been leading the headlines in Omani newspapers during the last days.


This show, running for 28 days in a row, is very special, as the Festival marks the highlight of the festivities celebrating 40 years of reign of he country’s beloved Sultan Qaboos. Within just four decades he transformed the country to what it is today: A proud nation bringing together its cultural heritage, a prosperous welfare system and the blessings of modern times unlike any other country in the Middle East.


There is magic in the air. The whole park is illuminated by thousands of sparkling lights and you can smell the specialties, available at vending stands all around the lake. All major TV stations have set up cameras at different locations and use the venue as background for interviews and discussions.


Suddenly massive drum rolls break the silence and then strong laser beams pierce the darkness. In the next 30 minutes the audience experiences a show, never been seen of that kind in this country ever before. Images floating like holograms on the lake visualize in very symbolic, yet strikingly understandable way the common achievements of the nation in the recent 40 years and also provide a future outlook of what is to come soon. Over and over again, the show transforms the lake into different abstract dream worlds, shaped by ever transforming three-dimensional laser sculptures, lights, water, fire and sound, which let you just forget about anything else around you.


Behind the scenes, the renowned Germany-based company LOBO was in charge to make this dream come true. Within not more than 6 weeks, LOBO’s Creative director Alexander Hennig and his multi-awarded team developed the overall show concept including the show design, the technical layout and the whole show production. Hennig: ”The whole video content and most of the laser content has been exclusively produced for this show. It not only included many blue-screen recordings, but also uncounted 3D computer animations of existing and future landmarks of the country.” After finishing their work on the production in the LOBO Multimedia Studios, the creative team went on site, where LOBO’s engineers have already spent weeks for the setup of the equipment and the co-ordination of all works on-site.


Due to the demanding layout of the venue, requiring that almost everybody around the lake should have a perfect view on the show, LOBO installed 7 ultra-bright laser systems, 24 fog generators with wind machines, a generous set of special outdoor laser mirrors and 4 video systems. Elements Entertainment supplied 3 Water Screens, one of the largest mobile fountain systems consisting of 66 individually controllable water jets with a height of up to 35 meters, as well as 20 fire effects, while approx. 90 high-powered searchlight-type light fixtures came from A&O. Mirnovec Pirotehnika was in charge for fireworks and a local company supplied a massive sound system with 40 line arrays all around the lake.


After 4 nights of adaptation work on-site, Hennig and the show production team managed to create a 30 minutes spectacle appealing to all senses and causing a lot of sensation in Oman. In a country with an overall population of not more than 3 million people, it can be considered an extraordinary success having a total estimated attendance of approx. 2 million visitors within 28 show days.








Credits, Multimedia Show Muscat Festival 2011:



1. Main Works:

Concept, Design, Show Production, Laser:


Fire, Fountains, Water Screens:

Elements Entertainment




Mirnovec Pirotehnika



2. Key Staff:



Iris Schua, Niklas Zorell


Roman Schütz

3D Computer Animations:

Julian De Pompa, Christian Schnitzer


Achim Schnitzer, Wolfgang Ammrein

Video Compositing and Cut:

Bernhard Settele


Thomas Linke, Peter Heybutzki, Pawel Pajak, Stefan Elsner,

Fountains, Fire:

Konrad Kuschel, Holger Behrens, Peter Hettinger, Dirk Müller


Franjo Koletic

Laser Equipment:       

Martin Malorny, Mario Janzon


Werner Most


Andreas Vetter, Tobias Vater, Steffen Bäz

Technical Director:

Sebastian Thiemeier


Alex Hennig