New bliss projectors from LOBO

LOBO presents two new compact laser projectors on the basis of their bliss platform, especially for nightclubs, stage and touring applications.

The Germany-based high-end laser manufacturer LOBO presents two new compact projectors, predestined for applications in nightclubs and for even major stage setups. In spite of their compact size, the new machines come with unique features, such as digital scanning, advanced color modulation and LOBO's revolutionary PCS system.


PCS increases the effective brightness of a laser by nine times compared to projectors of the same power class and with the same laser light sources. This is achieved by a proprietary optical system increasing the power density thanks to a thinner laser beam. The result: An extraordinary real-life performance within its price class.


The new product line comes in two versions:


The entry-level bliss-XT projectors base on a diode-only approach with real beam-overlay and without the need for diode arrays. This guarantees supreme beam quality and maintenance-free operation. It is an ideal solution for smaller or medium-sized nightclubs and smaller stage setups.


The top-of-the-line bliss-XS features Coherent Taipan lasers for most demanding stage setups,  tours and TV shows. On request, this version is available with completely automated beam alignment, instantly ready to go even after long and straining transports.


In contrast to other solutions on the market, the format and the outside dimensions  of bliss projectors match those of regular video projectors. Camlock connectors allow fast and easy trust mounting in any orientation. Its thermal design significantly reduces noise levels for on-stage use.


Both versions are available in different power classes with a LOBO DDL-2 connector for optical signal transmission, integrated safety-logic and complete remote access to all system parameters at the controller or alternatively a standard ILDA connector.