Innovation Award for Lothar Bopp

For the second time LOBO receives the Innovation Award of the region Ostwürttemberg. This time the Award honors the personal achievements of LOBO’s president Lothar Bopp.

Just one year ago, Lothar Bopp received the „Career Achievement Award“ – the highest honor oft the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) for oustanding personal achievements for the laser display industry. Now, he accepted the Innovation Award Ostwürttemberg 2011 in the Congress Center in Heidenheim.


The Innovation Award Ostwürttemberg honors creativity, ingenuity, innovative strength and courageous entrepreneurship of companies or individuals.


Unlike many others, Lothar Bopp represents the unique spirit of this economic region, which has a higher patent density than most of all other regions in Germany. Of all 97 economic regions, Ostwürttemberg ranks on the second place right after Stuttgart.


Already during his school time Lothar Bopp developed and sold light control systems. Just a few years later during his studies, his company expanded on an international scale and quickly reached the top of the laser and multimedia industry.


It is LOBO’s second Innovation Award of this kind. Already in 2002 LOBO’s Creative Director Alexander Hennig received the Innovation Award for LOBO’s extraordinary achievements in the creative sector.