LOBO installation set to break all records

On New Year’s Eve, LOBO launches the world’s largest display laser installation.

Shortly before the turn of the year, a huge laser projection appears on the monumental facade of the 175 meter high Anayasa tower. Slowly the figure “2011” fades away and then the laser counts down the last seconds of the year. The gathered crowd cheers as the year “2012” appears and the entire city shines brightly under magnificent fireworks.


At the same time, a giant permanent laser installation is launched for the first time. It is scheduled for continuous operation in January 2012 and will set new standards worldwide. The installation connects the highest towers of the Turkmenistan capital city Ashgabat with dazzling-bright laser beams in the national color of green. Also display lasers are part of the project, used for brilliant building projections, which were seen for the first time at New Year’s Eve.


The rumor goes that the president of Turkmenistan himself had the idea for this project. On his behalf, the largest Turkish construction corporation Polimeks searched for the ideal partner for implementing this demanding project. Numerous companies in the display laser industry brought in ideas, concepts and offers. But in the end, internationally renowned laser specialist LOBO won the competition.


Under one roof LOBO bundles the experience of a leading full-range-manufacturer for display laser systems with the ingenuity of the industry’s internationally most-awarded show design team. LOBO has proven its competence all around the globe with innumerable outstanding large-scale projects, both as permanent installations and on a temporary basis.


But even for LOBO’s experienced engineers, this project was a real challenge. A total distance of almost 30 km had to be spanned between all the towers in an extremely bright environment. Within LOBO’s 30 year history, temporary projects of similar scale have been implemented on a rental basis. But the fully automated and daily operation of such a complex system demanded entirely different approaches.


To provide optimal visibility, all beams were designed bi-directionally. Only lasers of the highest brightness class have been used. The ultra-bright lasers of LOBO’s sparks® series served as the primary technical basis for the project, but COHERENT Verdi lasers were also used. The automation of the installation is handled by LOBO’s proprietary LACON-5 platform. Thanks to  integrated GPS-modules, it also takes care of absolutely exact synchronization of all laser systems.


LOBO’s Creative Director Alexander Hennig: “Thanks to our own 10-km-long laser test track, we could show our clients that it is not enough just to install any kind of high-powered laser. We had to achieve an especially high effective brightness. This depends mostly on the interaction of several factors beyond laser power. Superlative beam quality was a key criterion at this project. In the LOBO laboratories, especially designed optics were developed for this installation, guaranteeing optimal light density even over extreme distances.


Considering the enormous extension of the installation, officials of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) believe that it is the largest permanent display laser installation in the world. Turkemistan’s president personally inspected the installation himself from a helicopter. It is said that he was very satisfied with the result.