LOBO’s sparks Lasers in Baku

During the Eurovision Song Contest LOBO implemented a giant outdoor laser display with sparks lasers.

The whole city has been smartened up for this outstanding international event. Numerous buildings and attractions have been constructed to provide an impressing environment for the Eurovision Song Contest. Never before more effort has been invested in this leading European music contest.


Close to the impressing show area, the "Baku Crystal Hall", an vanguard building has been dedicated to the central touristic highlight of Azerbaijan: the world-famous carpets. The shape of the 70-million-Euro building alludes to a rolled-up carpet and stretches along approximately 150 meters directly at the ESC venue.


The worldwide renowned laser specialist LOBO has been engaged to bring the aluminum façade of the building to life every night. Two of LOBOs multi-awarded sparks laser display projectors have been used, which are known among specialists as the worlds brightest multicolor entertainment lasers, thanks to their unique optical characteristics.


LOBO's project manager Iris Schua: The two sparks lasers covered together the whole building. One laser projected on the left hand side, while the other laser was responsible for the right side. By software, the projection geometry has been matched exactly to the building, resulting in an almost invisible transition between the two projections - although such multi-image projections are significantly more difficult to be done with lasers than with video. One reason for the convincing result are the digital AMP-6 scanning systems, setting standards in regards to precision and speed.


On the extremely curved surface of the carpet museum, lasers could demonstrate their maximum potential: While video projections would have suffered from focusing problems at the given projection distance on this uneven and glossy surface, our sparks lasers created on any point a brilliant and sharp image.


By the creative interplay between the striking architecture and the main topic carpets, we created an eye catcher, fascinating the guests of Baku for more than 2 weeks.


And while the world was still concentrating on Baku, exactly at the same time a further LOBO team was  installing 9 high-performance laser systems on the other side of the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan's Capital Ashgabat to stage the inauguration of the "Alem" Entertainment Complex and the giant Medeni Tower featuring an integrated Ferris wheel.