LOBO opens Research Day 2013

With a lead time of just 40 hours, LOBO staged an individual laser performance for the inauguration of the Research Day organized by the State of Baden-Württemberg.

As soon as the participants and speakers, among them international big players in research like the President of the Max-Planck Society Prof. Peter Gruss, CERN General Director Rolf-Dieter Heuer and Nobel Prize winner Prof. Klaus von Klitzing, have taken their seats, the hall light slowly dims down. All of a sudden laser flashes twitch above the heads, lavish logo animations seem to appear from nowhere onto an approx. 100 square meter large screen, overlaid by dazzling, three-dimensional sculptures floating through the hall above the guests.


This was made possible by the internationally awarded laser wizards of the company LOBO in Aalen. What none of the guests could guess: 40 hours earlier nobody knew that there will be a show – not even at LOBO’s. Shortly after receiving the order, LOBO triggered a well-organized machinery of various competences in order to realize this show in a record-breaking time frame. While in the bureaus the entire logistics round this event started and in the storage the equipment was individually configured, tested and loaded, the industry’s most-awarded show design team worked through the night on an individual show production including a sophisticated 3D logo animation and an individual sound mix. Only 26 hours after the project start, the entire equipment was set-up in the Hegel-Saal of the Liederhalle Congress Center in Stuttgart and the complete show was ready for approval by an independent and certified laser safety officer of the laser beams in the spectators' area.


LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig: "Such challenges, which really border the impossible, separate the wheat from the chaff. Already many times we made things possible which others considered impossible. And thanks to a passionate team in the technical and creative areas, we always managed to implement productions on an exceptional level of quality, even under extreme time pressure.