Art and theatre

We don't care how unusual and daring the idea is - LOBO is equally committed to the creative technical implementation and realization of such plans and projects by renowned light artists. From the generation of a magical light scenery to apocalyptic-looking robot laser installations to the imitation of the sun for the nightly time display on a futuristic sundial. Back in the 1980s, LOBO made the medium of lasers respectable in the theater world too. On possibly the most renowned stage on the planet, the Wagner Festspielhaus Bayreuth, mystical stage sets are created using lasers. But lasers are also ideally suited for performance-specific projections, or even just for special effects to provide impressive support for the performers. Even in the outdoor area of huge amphitheaters, you can give your audience unforgettable goosebumps with the help of laser and video projections onto gigantic water screens.

Art and theatre
EMCO Innovations Center, Hallein

Together with a renowned light artist, LOBO developed a moving work of light art in the foyer of the EMCO Innovations Center. Two laser projection robots, which can be moved across all floors by linear drives, project abstract content onto walls, ceilings and floors, while a projector in the elevator depicts the company's history in abstract form.

Art and theatre
Wagner Festspielhaus, Bayreuth

The venerable Wagner Festspielhaus probably is the most renowned stage on the planet. For more than 20 years LOBO is known in Bayreuth as a special effects engineering company, e.g. to create a glamorously illuminated Holy Grail or to lead the way to the legendary Rhine Gold with using 5 laser systems, creating scenes of light and special effects by means of bouncing mirrors and fiber effects.

Art and theatre
Sundial, Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi’s new marina area an impressive 15 m high sun dial shows the current time. After sunset, a LOBO laser system takes over this task by means of a brilliant green beam pointing to the respective position of the dial.

Art and theatre
Royal Palace, Kirrwiller

You will be surprised to find in the small village of Kirrwiller a giant Cabaret. With 1000 seats in both, theater and restaurants, it is the third in size of its kind in France. In addition to a permanently installed laser system, a mobile, air-cooled and DMX-controlled 3 W laser system creates special effects at any point of the stage.

Art and theatre
Nationaltheater, Weimar

Staging the famous “Neverending Story” as a musical came up with the challenge, that a magical book was the actual main actor of the show. A LOBO laser system featuring an air-cooled 15W X-15 multi-color laser has been used to create the everchanging written content of the giant book, which filled the whole portal of the stage.

Art and theatre
Dream Theater Salome, Germany

Extraordinary creative concepts require extraordinary technical solutions. A dream circus, installed on a river boat presents its guests outstanding artistry and magic moments also thanks to a LACON-controlled laser systems allowing for atmospheric beam effects on stage, the creation of special effects and stage sets made of light thanks to the use of mobile glass fiber effects.

Art and theatre

For the stage spectacle "MAGNA GRECIA - The Myths of Origins", a customized theater and multimedia environment was created in the form of a breathtaking, amphitheater-like arena in the south of Italy. With 2,500 seats and a huge water basin of more than 3,000 m², this arena offers perfect application possibilities for several LOBO Water Screens and ultra-bright sparks laser systems interacting with live stage plays. Such a unique alternation between live performance and pictorial visualizations is comparable to a synthesis of theater and cinema performance and thus allows reality and projection to merge smoothly.)


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