Cinemas and planetariums

Trendsetting cinema operators have already recognized early on that the medium of lasers can be used as a great unique selling point over the competition - especially since the spatial conditions in a cinema are almost ideally suited for presenting laser shows: the large cinema screen provides the space for projections, and the perfect seating arrangement is already there for spectacular beam shows into the audience. It's also relatively easy to generate additional revenue by showing switched commercials via laser projection, since lasers attract a particularly high level of attention from the audience. In planetariums and domes, LOBO's TriDome® technology creates impressive dome-filling 3D animations and three-dimensional beam effects into the audience at the same time. Combining several laser projectors, this novel approach captures spherically curved projection surfaces with a projection angle of up to 360 x 270 degrees. This enables mostly purely didactic astronomy shows to be upgraded into a modern, dynamic infotainment spectacle. Even in new types of planetariums that are already equipped with full dome video, the combination of flat video image with sharply contoured laser projection accentuates the dome to great effect. The most famous planetariums in Germany rely on LOBO for good reason.

Kinos und Planetarien
experimenta Science Center, Heilbronn

Kinos und Planetarien
Cineplexx Cinemas, Austria

All major Austrian multiplex cinemas of the Cineplexx chain feature a LOBO laser system with three laser projectors for laser advertisement and the entertainment of the audience prior to the actual movie. Thanks to the participation in LOBO’s Software Contract and the fully automated concept, the cinemas permanently receive updated including a logo animation and an advertisement part.

Kinos und Planetarien
Planetarium, Hamburg

A planetarium designed to be more than just a place below the stars, designed to be a real immersive multimedia capsule. It features anything a planetarium nees, as for example a Digistar full-dome video projection system and a Zeiss Starball, but also a whole armada of LOBO laser projection systems including a TriDome® system for full-dome laser projections and laser projection robots. All lasers are controlled by a LACON-5 system. An additional LAOCN-5 is available for offline programming purposes.

Kinos und Planetarien
Planetarium Stuttgart

The Planetarium Stuttgart relies for 12 years on LOBO laser technology. During this period of time, the laser system has been updated 4 times. With a total of 6 fiber-fed laser projectors and the first TriDome® full-dome projection system using 4 projectors, this planetarium is one of the innovators in using lasers for outstanding didactic presentations.

Kinos und Planetarien
FDT Planetarium, Munich

As the planetarium in the “Forum der Technik” started in1992, its aim and its technical equipment were a revolution: In addition to didactic star shows you could see in Munich for the first time real infotainment spectaculars. This has been made possible also thanks to its LACON-5-controlled laser system with a total of 7 laser projectors, 3 of them could be lifted pneumatically into the dome, 2 of them were laser projection robots and one featured a Grating Box. Also the most successful planetarium laser show “Queen – Heaven” has been produced here in close co-operation with the LOBO studios.

Kinos und Planetarien
Planetarium Mannheim

The Mannheim Planetarium is the first ever planetarium equipped by LOBO. The initial installation was made with a LACON-3 laser animation computer in combination with a single fiber-optic supplied projector. Due to the enormous popularity of the audience, the laser system was extended by an additional projector shortly afterwards at the end of 1991.


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