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A spectacular launch of the "experimenta" Science Center

LOBO provided an integrated multimedia solution including a laser show and building projections on the occasion of the inauguration of an innovative science center in Heilbronn, Germany.

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November 12th, 2009. In Heilbronn, this particular moment has been expected with great excitement for years. On a river island, in the very heart of the city, an ambitious project of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, many prestigious sponsors and the municipality of Heilbronn has now opened its gates for visitors: the “experimenta”.


The idea of “experimenta” is to be more than just another Science Center displaying just some superficial effects. “Experimenta” is an institution, designed to complement classical  school education and to be a place where young people can discover and develop their own strengths.


Therefore, it is not surprising that the inauguration ceremony of this exceptional institution was intended to be more than just the usual niblets and fireworks.


Mr. Michael-M. Andree , CEO of the “projekt-X” agency and in charge for planning this event, wanted to find a way to convey the technical aspiration of the institution at the inauguration ceremony - and if it needs to be any kind of fireworks, then rather on than above the building.


Finally, Mr. Andree found what he was looking for at the laser and multimedia specialist LOBO. Together with the creative department and the technicians of LOBO, he developed a multi-stage concept which comprised both, the gala tent built for the inauguration ceremony and the building itself.


LOBO provided an all-inclusive package, incorporating all creative services, the entire lighting and media equipment up to video and broadcast technology not only reliably but also cost-effectively from a single source.


Within just two months, LOBO developed for the inauguration by the Prime Minister, a sophisticated production including laser and video layered by means of hologram-like Water Screen projections, as well as atmospheric beam and lighting effects to an visually opulent spectacle. Countless on-site video recordings with young actors were enriched by the LOBO design team by  computer animations, 3-D laser animations and lighting effects. Prior to the actual event, the entire show was realistically simulated in the LOBO studios and led to perfection together with the client.


The multimedia show was the highlight of the official ceremony, which was hosted by TV presenter Mr. Dennis Wilms. Immediately after the show, the building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Günther Oettinger. The guests in the gala tent could witness the inauguration ceremony “live” via a video transmission before they started to explore the new attraction of Heilbronn themselves.


Guided by a bright laser beam, they arrived at the building to which the attention was impressively drawn by architectual luminaires and a giant outdoor laser projection.


According to the press statements, LOBO succeeded once more in creating a unique highlight, the visitors will never forget.


Mr. Bopp, president of LOBO, about the opening of “experimenta”:


“Over the years,, LOBO has been established as a leading supplier for laser and Water Screen solutions in our rental division. However, we have lately observed an increasing demand for integrated one-stop multimedia solutions especially from agencies, such as quite recently also for EnBW or the state's Innovation Award ceremony next week.


As a manufacturer with a broad product range, a system integrator for entire multimedia solutions and a multi-awarded show producer, unlike any other company, LOBO provides competent consulting giving targeted advise right from the start, technically well-founded planning services, a strong and transparent support throughout the entire production process and thus, implements even exceptional ideas quickly and cost-effectively.


This approach not only reduces costs and unnecessary stress, but also leads to superior results due a harmoneously integrated overall concept. So, sometimes equipment can be used in various ways within one project, the technical reliability is increased the omission of unnecessary interfaces and setup or dismantling times can be reduced significantly.


When launching a new project, It is our central goal to complement and not to replace the competences of our clients. In the case of “experimenta”, LOBO was for example responsible for the detailed creative concept of the multimedia show and also for the actual show production; but the Projekt-X agency independently carried out and supplied the on-site video recordings. In this specific case, this strategy was simply more cost-efficient, faster to implement and in addition, all partners could bring in their specific strengths in an optimum way.”

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