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LOBO Laser Systems in the Caribbean

LOBO was given the order to equip the three biggest vessels of the American shipping company Celebrity Cruises with high-end laser technology.

If one approaches the wharf of the "Century" in the Caribbean Sea, it will appear like a huge apartment complex which can already be seen from miles away. In fact, this latest-generation luxury liner could be compared to a small town on the ocean, providing space for about 3,000 "residents". With over 70,000 BRT, the "Century", next to the "Galaxy" and the "Mercury", is (at this time) the biggest cruise liner ever constructed in Europe. Each of these three ships were commissioned by the American shipping company Celebrity Cruises and constructed at the shipyard Meyerwerft in North German Papenburg.

Keeping in line with their motto, "Exceeding Your Expectations", Celebrity Cruises attempted to unite the cream of the crop in the fields of gastronomy, leisure and entertainment technology into one hull. Aside from several swimming pools, first-class restaurants, an interactive television system as well as a fitness area with dimensions that defy description, the front third of the hull contains a revue theater spanning over five decks, with technical features that would even set standards on land:

For the show lounge with a capacity of 950 spectators alone, scanners and spotlights with a lighting power of one million watt were installed. A revolving stage and a lowerable orchestra pit allow for quick scene changes and minimize set-up times. In addition to more traditional backdrops which can be lowered via stage hoists, a video cube wall can create moving sceneries. A permanent ensemble performs magnificent revues, but also dance performances and musicals composed specifically for the individual ships.

This harsh show application between polar sea and tropics proves to be highly demanding on the equipment. As the ship often cruises far off any civilization for weeks, each component of the on-board technology has to reliably function even at temperatures above 45°C and 95% relative humidity.

One of the few producers who could meet the shipping company's high demands regarding quality, reliability and maintainability was the German laser specialist LOBO electronic. With their concept of maintenance- and adjustment-free laser projectors which don't require a wear-prone mechanisms of an optical bank – a concept that has proven successful for years – LOBO could easily convince Celebrity Cruises. With a budget of approximately 2 million DM, it was possible for LOBO to install the possibly biggest show laser systems on the ocean inside the three flagships of the Celebrity fleet in series. On the "Century", a total of five laser projectors distributed across the ship are provided with laser light via a central tandem laser system using 420 meters of fiber optics cable. Two projectors, barely half the dimensions of a shoebox each, are placed inside the show lounge and accompany the performances on stage with beam and graphics effects. Thanks to a special arrangement in the back area of the stage floor, even larger-scale laser shows are possible that still adhere to strict international safety standards. Additionally, two grating boxes are used to generate backdrops and light accents.

On the pool deck, two additional, seaworthy projectors can project onto the chimney or have special reflector mirrors direct their beams into the sky, allowing for a futuristic illumination of the ship at night.

Furthermore, an additional high-speed scanner unit has been installed above the glass discotheque which adorns the bow of the luxury liner like a crown. This projector is placed in such a way that it can send out searchlight-like beams towards the ship's direction of travel, visibly announcing the arrival of the ship from a great distance.

Ever since, the laser system from Germany sees the guests off with a grand "Farewell Show" and sends out an array laser beams into the night sky – much like the plumage of a peacock – as the ship runs into port.




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