Park and attraction design

LOBO offers a wide portfolio of laser and media technology for amusement parks, from simple add-on effects to the full equipment for an attraction, including design, planning, installation and show content creation. Solutions are offered for both indoor and outdoor use, either only as support for existing rides, for example, to create a specific atmosphere during the ride, or as a stand-alone attraction such as an open-air amphitheater with space for several thousand visitors. The systems run either in continuous operation or at fixed intervals at specific show times. The systems are also being increasingly used in water parks, for example in slides or for shows with water screens, often placed directly in the water pool. LOBO offers decades of experience in customized laser and multimedia solutions for creating unique leisure and tourism attractions.

Parks & Attraction Design
Maya Mare, Halle

The "Maya Mare" is a Mexican-style adventure pool in Saxony-Anhalt. It has a water surface of over 1,300 m³ with four water slides, wave pool, current channel and other attractions such as fiberglass-fed laser special effects inside a dark slide. Compared to usual lighting effects, these seem to literally physically touch the adrenaline-fueled visitor. In addition, Maya Mare has a high density water screen in one of the pools and a laser system for impressive laser shows in the evening.

Parks & Attraction Design
Europa Park Resort, Rust

Already in 1998 LOBO created a unique multimedia attraction, moving the audience between 6 different scenic sets thanks to a revolving auditorium. After 12 years of successful operation including 3 program changes, a completely new multimedia ride has been designed exactly at the same place. Almost nothing was left untouched. Today a LACON-5 system controls 9 laser projectors, 28 digital video projections with a total of more than 160,000 Lumens, holographic projections, lights, sound, special effects, as well as numerous screen systems, water effects, stage lifts and the drive for the guest cabins. A worldwide unique attraction!

Parks & Attraction Design
The Hamedan Show

With roughly 5000 years of history, Hamedan ranks among the oldest cities in the world. As one of the most experienced solution providers and the most awarded company in the industry, LOBO was inquired to participate in the design of an outdoor touristic project. The show arena for up to 2000 spectators created around a purpose-built lake offers laser and video projections onto a 40 m wide Water Screen and a sophisticated 100 m wide musical fountain system with individually controllable nozzles and numerous moveable water effects which reach height of up to 60 meters. The installation bases on sparks laser technology and features automated operation on the basis of LOBO's media control system LACON-5.

Parks & Attraction Design
Holiday Park, Hassloch

The opulently staged multimedia spectacle "AMACEON" dicovers the mystery behind Mother Earth in a visionary combination of video, lasers, water, fire and uncounted special effects. An individually composed sound track, recorded with orchestra musicians in 8-channel surround sound, naturalistic Hollywood-like computer animations, sophisticated Blue-Box recodings of sportsmen and spectacular laser effects set new standards for amusement parks. It is hard to believe that LOBO accomplished the complete technical implementation as well as the extraordinarily complex show production incorporating more than 60 participants within just 4 months.

Parks & Attraction Design
Jaya Ancol, Jakarta

Jaya Ancol - also known as Ancol Dreamland - is an integral part of Ancol Bay City along Jakarta's waterfront and houses hotels and other leisure facilities in addition to the theme park. A LOBO laser system, consisting of 2 projectors (controlled by LACON-5) and equipped with a curtain water screen, sets evening highlights on the ocean stage, which transports visitors into a dream world of laser light and sound.

Parks & Attraction Design
Dinosaurierpark, Changzhou

LOBO plans and implements in the new dinosaur park of the rising tourist region of Changzhou an innovative and flexible to use multimedia theater with lasers and video, Water Screens® and light effects. Although the theater can present any show of the LOBO show library, the LOBO design team certainly creates the “Happy Dinosaur Show”, especially made for children.

Parks & Attraction Design
Galaxy, Therme Erding

Therme Erding near Munich is the largest thermal spa in the world: in addition to 34 pools, 8 water basins, 35 saunas and 8 steam baths, it also has 27 slides with a total length of 2,700 m - most of them crowded together in the "Galaxy" slide area. This is a futuristic, 25-meter-high metal dome that can be opened halfway and where LOBO lasers provide spectacular special events and cool club nights.

Parks & Attraction Design
Hansa-Park, Sierksdorf

With a minimum of investment LOBO transforms by means of two compact projectors an old theater into a new attraction which ranges over years among the favorites of the visitors. Instead of custom-made shows, the Hansa Park can present continuously changing programs thanks to the multi-awarded LOBO show library.

Parks & Attraction Design
Mines Wonderland, Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia’s largest shopping an entertainment complex visitors can enjoy in a giant outdoor theater a breathtaking performance including lasers, musical fountains and light effects.

Parks & Attraction Design
Alwadi Waterpark, Jordan

Right after sunset the visitors of the new Jordan water park enjoy a giant multimedia spectacular with lasers, video, lights, pyro effects and a Spray Water Screen® inside the large wave pool. The Water Screen® has been especially designed to allow for a quick installation and dismantling.

Parks & Attraction Design
Habtoorland, Beirut

Ancient Greek theaters were the model for this attraction which allows the crowd to enjoy a magnificent view on Beirut at night as they enjoy a LOBO laser show as the highlight of the evening. Two large-frame lasers as well as two additional monochrome projectors, a Water Screen®, all controlled by LACON-5 make sure that you forget for a few minutes anything around you.

Parks & Attraction Design
Siam Park, Tenerife

Europe’s largest water park, featuring 28 water slides and an impressive Thai theming, is embedded into the beautiful landscape of the Canary Islands. Highlight of the water attractions is the „Volcano“ dark slide leading into a gaint bowl featuring a fully automated LOBO laser projection system. The installation positon has been chosen in such a way, that every guest enters the bowl by passing though three-dimensional athmospheric laser effects, experiences brilliant laser projections on the walls of the bowl and leaves the bowl with laser beams flashing all accross his head.

Parks & Attraction Design
Prater, Vienna

The Domino Jojo Tower is a new kind of a vertical dark ride right in the heart of the most famous and one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Two fiber-fed multi-color laser projectors in combination with a ride which allows to shoots visitors with up to 4 G up and down or to tilt them down, lets you forget about up and down or how fast you are actually riding. The 3 different ride programs, including sound design, have been developed by the LOBO design team.

Parks & Attraction Design
Gardaland, Italy

Invisibly integrated into the replication of the old Egyptian temple Abu Simbel, two LOBO laser systems created the perfect illusion during every evening's laser show. By means of Water Screens, laser projections seemed to float in mid-air in front of the temple, while an additional laser system was capable to create projections onto the surface of it's facade. During the day the laser system was used for the creation of special effects inisde the attraction, using glass fiber-supplied projectors.

Parks & Attraction Design
Family Park Kairo



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