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LOBO 2000

The presence at seven important millennium events in Germany and abroad made LOBO a central player in the realization of Millennium events.

Literally the whole world - represented by 65 TV stations - participated in LOBO's laser projection on a 220 sqm Water Screen in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at the continent's biggest and Germany's official Millennium Party. "Chronology" is the name of the show that takes the spectators at Paris Square on a speedy journey through 10.000 years of human history. The three dimensional beam show that accompanies the especially composed Berlin Hymn is followed by the culminating countdown into the year 2000.


Same time, change of place: "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner), Koblenz. From the beginning of twilight, a giant star of laser beams between the city's most famous buildings floats over Koblenz. A few minutes before midnight, the crowd waiting on the banks of the river Rhine looks in keen anticipation towards the rock underneath Ehrenbreitstein Castle on the other side of the river. The laser specialists from Aalen, Germany take advantage of this impressive natural scenery as projection medium for their countdown into the year 2000.


Less than 150 km away, in Trier, Germany's oldest town, the passage into the third millennium is projected on the famous Porta Nigra. Thousands of visitors lie in each other's arms when the laser-drawn "2000" appears on the gate.


All those events base on the same show concept and are performed synchronously at the same time. LOBO's Art Director, Alexander Hennig, who is responsible for the "Chronology"-project: "It is an incredibly fascinating feeling to be aware that a synchronized laser show is performed on different places at the same time and almost the whole world can watch it."


In addition to "Chronology", LOBO's Millennium projection on Cape Town's Table Mountain was a big promotion success already months before new year's eve. Further millennium-projects of LOBO have been a rave into the new millennium in Hongkong and a Millennium-Open-Air in Austria. And even after new year's day the millennium enthusiasm has not come to an end: with the "Millennium Symphony" by Thüringer Multimedia from Suhl/Germany LOBO technology will be touring through eleven German cities.


Chronology - the Millennium Modular System


Spectacles with world wide reputation are basing on a long tradition at LOBO´s. Recently, the company moved into their new premises comprising three high tech production studios for the development and realistic demonstration of laser and multimedia shows for fairs, mega events, product presentations and many other occasions, causing global sensation and being honored over many years with a host of awards. Within five years only, LOBO received 32 awards from the worldly parent organization of the show laser industry the "International Laser Display Organization". Last year, again, LOBO obtained more ILDA awards than any other winner.


The preparations for the millenium started more than one year ago. A team of 10 specialists produced in only three months one of the most lavish and impressive laser shows that has ever been created. "Chronology" is a speedy trip through the last 10.000 years of human history.


Starting from the Lascaux caves travelling through the bronze and megalith ages, old Egypt, Babylon and China the spectator arrives in the age of Jesus Christ as starting point of our calendar. The trip takes you from the vikings to the knights, revolutions, discoverers, inventors finally reaching the modern times.


Hennig: "Not only its contents but also its technology meet the requirements of the new Millennium. The show can be adapted to the individual needs of our clients with a minimum of financial investment: even after the turn of the millennium the show still keeps its topical interest."


In Berlin the trip ended with the fall of the wall at Brandenburg Gate, in Koblenz it ended at the "Deutsches Eck" and in Trier at the Porta Nigra. Due to the modular system it was also easy to lead the journey through the Koblenz of the Roman Empire.


  Technology Berlin 2000


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Richard Pollak, technical director of the Millennium Show in Berlin: "It was an enormous challenge to create a huge projection in front of Brandenburg Gate without covering or even touching the gate, as it is protected as a national monument and the heart of the official German millennium celebration. At any time the gate had to be accessible for the public and any potential dangers even in case of storm had to be excluded. Even worse: due to numerous events for the 2 million visitors along the 4 km long party area the ambient light level could hardly be controlled."


This task could not be realized with conventional solutions. Any kind of screen of the requested dimension was too wind sensitive. For safety reasons, the screen could neither be attached to Brandenburg Gate, neither could it be installed at a truss system with ground support. The best solution was not possible: to integrate the laser system in the gate. LOBO finally found an unusual way to solve all the problems at once.


In the middle passage of the gate a Laser Truck container was positioned, providing the most powerful laser on the market. This truck could have been removed within a few minutes, if necessary.


A 20 m large and about 11 m high Water Screen was installed in a 25 m distance. A 22 x 5 m water basin was sufficient for the Water Screen developed by LOBO as it consists of individual elements of water jets to be aligned to a rectangular wall of water. Thus, the passage through the gate was free and any direct danger for the visitors was excluded even in case of the worst weather conditions.


During the projection the Water Screen itself was almost invisible so that Brandenburg Gate situated behind could be integrated as impressive backdrop of the show. The pictures projected on the Water Screen really seemed to float in the air. When the Water Screen was not used, the only 50 cm high water basin was completely hidden by the visitors. In order to avoid difficulties in case of extremely cold temperature, the 60.000 l of water in the basin were heated all the time.


In addition to the central laser system, fiber-fed laser projectors were installed behind the Water Screen in order to optimize the three dimensional beam show accompanied by 10 high capacity fog generators including ventilators.


  Technology Koblenz 2000


A few days before the event, the torrential rains of the Hurricane "Lothar" terrified the LOBO team. Due to the rising water levels of the Rhine the "Deutsches Eck" was nearly flooded. Just in time, however, the heavy rains stopped and the set-up could start.


The projection surface was far from being perfect: the shape and vegetation of a 150 m wide and 75 m high rock in about half a kilometer's distance did not provide ideal reflection conditions. The giant 10.000 m2 projection could only be realized with the latest laser technology: two 10 Watt diode pumped solid state lasers (Viper). Their green light appears five times as bright as conventional lasers due to the high sensibility of the human eye in its color range. At the same time, the chosen solution could equalize the adverse projection conditions.


A compact LOBO Laser Truck containing the complete technical equipment as well as a small control room was installed in Koblenz. A further Laser Truck was used at the millennium event in Trier. This system with its redundantly working components enables short set-up and dismantling times and highest security standards.


Laser beams connecting Franz Castle, Ehrenbreitstein Castle, Fort Asterstein and Constantin Castle with each other were announcing the millennium show as from the beginning of dusk. The bunch of beams floating over the city was realized by 4 high capacity argon lasers with special optics installed in Ehrenbreitstein Castle. Due to the special beam characteristics of this laser type the beams could be seen from almost any point in the city and its surroundings.


Just before midnight Koblenz joined LOBO's countdown into the next millennium...

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