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LOBO Laser in Jurassic Park

LOBO takes a new multimedia theater into operation located in a theme park near Shanghai.

After a 80-minutes' ride from the world metropolis Shanghai, the stylized necks of three brontosaurs appear on the horizon. They are the landmark of the Changzhou China Dinosaurs Park, raising more than 70 metres into the sky and bearing a UFO-like restaurant in their centre.

Here in the booming tourism region Changzhou is the Chinese version of Jurassic Park. This combined science museum and theme park celebrated its opening in April 2001. Extensive halls exhibiting fossils found all over China, take turns with amusements attractions. In other areas of the park, you encounter dinosaurs reconstructed in original sizes and placed within a primeval appearing landscape.

After one and a half years of preparation and installation works, the Southern-German based laser expert LOBO officially opened a new type of attraction in the beginning of this year.

Inside the futuristically appearing building, reminding of a fish lying on the ground, LOBO installed a sophisticated multimedia theater. Using the latest laser and multimedia technology, the competition between the park's mascot and its diabolical antagonist is staged in a family-friendly way.

Seemingly floating in the room projections are displayed on a 20 meter wide High-Density Water Screen by means of laser projectors as well as a high-power video projector. Lots of moving lights, water fountains, pyro effects and live performing actors emphasize the 3-dimensional impressions and offer a large variety of effects in the course of the show. The laser projectors are integrated inside the hall in such a way, that they also serve for generating 3-dimensional beam effects by including bouncing mirrors and holographic mirror effects mounted inside the hall. A device of the MODULA-5 series serves as the central controller of the attraction. Just by the push of a button the entire technique is set into operation.

For Europeans the contents of the 20-minutes show might seem as an unusual mixture of fantasy and Chinese mythology. The protagonists are half-monsters and half-humans. One time they appear hologram-like on the Water Screen and in the next minute they suddenly fight in real on the stage directly in front of the audience. In between there are short sequences with impressive 3-dimensional laser arrangements as well as light effects and water fountains.

LOBO's General Manager Lothar Bopp: "For outsiders it is practically impossible to understand the aesthetics and the stylistic sense of the Asian culture. The language and the totally different way of thinking just add their part to this problematic nature. In order to avoid any problems which may result from these facts right in the beginning, the video and music production had been completely outsourced to China."

Contemporaneously to this the laser elements of the show have been pre-produced in the LOBO studios in Aalen and finally arranged together with all other media. Thanks to the universal equipment and layout of the LOBO Studios it was possible to reconstruct the scale and the look of the installation already in Aalen at this early stage of the project.

Just within a few days, a designer carried out the final adaptation on-site in China and integrated synchronously the different effect units within the show. After that, this new classic example of German-Chinese co-operation could be released to its regular continuous operation as the central highlight of the park.




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