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MAGNA GRECIA - Multimedia and Theater in Senise, Italy

LOBO supports with superior show solutions in the amphitheater-like arena.

LOBO Laser- and Multimediasysteme has realized the Digital Stage Design by Paolo Atzori for the stage spectacle "MAGNA GRECIA - THE ORIGINAL MYTHS".

This amazing theater and multimedia environment was custom created for the play. The history of the region is staged by traveling with the help of laser and video projections on water screens, choreographies, magical dialogues as well as visions of the future. Live stage plays are alternately accompanied by image and video projections.

The whole is a combination of modern theater and film theater/cinema. The idea was to bring to life the ambitious setting of the Greek-amphitheater-like Arena Sinni of Senise. This stunning and impressive site, of over 4,000 sqm with 2,500 seats and an additional water basin of 3,200 sqm area, is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. Local natural materials such as tuff and wood dominate - an almost ideal scenario for experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies.

To meet all emerging laser light fantasies, LOBO configured, delivered and installed a state-of-the-art show laser system:

A sparks® system equipped with an optical-pumped laser module (type sparks®-XG15). With a typical brightness of (incl. PCS) ELB200: 1,703 W/m², it is, thanks to the PCS®-collimated beam (PCS® system by LOBO), extremely bright and clearly predestined for laser projections directed to long distances - like just here in Senise. Due to the triple active cooling system, the sparks® is designed for permanent use in high ambient temperatures of more than 40°C, which of course can be quite often the case in hot climates like Senise.

In combination with the sparks® projector, LOBO has chosen the fail-safe LACON-5® - a Hybrid Parallel Multiprocessor Laser and Multimedia Workstation in compact version, which runs synchronously with video, fire effects and other media. Optical signal transmission through the Digital Data Link DDL-2®, as opposed to copper cabling solutions, is the perfect choice for handling long signal transmission distances - even underwater! In addition, this feature allows complete remote administration and configuration of devices that are DDL-2® protocol enabled. The LACON-5® has been equipped with all necessary modules to control any standardized DMX devices, RS-232 connected peripherals and parallel I/O controlled devices via 20 configurable digital input and output channels (e.g. for remote control of the LACON-5® or fog generators, etc.). A time code module has also been included: It is a kind of plug-in control electronics for the LACON-5® series to read or write LTC Time Code - according to the SMPTE/EBU standard for synchronization with external media systems.

To achieve sufficient projection area for light and image, LOBO installed two water screens in the Jet version - one screen on the left and one on the right side. These consist of 12 alignable manifold segments, each 2 m long, to create a rectangular vertical projection surface with a height of approx. 10 m. 96 individually adjustable nozzles, driven by special submersible pumps, provide precise directional angles. In addition, a 28 m wide water screen in the spray version was placed in the center of the water basin with an excellent, homogeneous spray density for high-resolution imaging. For this reason, LOBO used a central pumping system, consisting of two multistage submersible pumps, which uses an integrated high-performance nozzle (in stainless steel design) to produce an almost semi-circular dense water film with an impressive projection surface diameter. An automatic star-delta sanitary switch control, a motor protection circuit, a double-redundant design with 100 m cable to each individual pump as well as a residual current circuit breaker ensure smooth operation in any case with a total energy consumption of 60 kW.

In order to introduce optimal visual effects, a variety of LOBO's fog generators as well as the corresponding fan units were used. Other complementary elements and effects were LED walls and video projection units, moving lights and fire walls. And now imagine this technological playground in your mind - how it plays, tells, and embodies paired with the splendor of this backdrop, the ruins, the fleets, battles, and giants.

The result is theater, cinema, dance and scenographic effects, highlighted and perfectly combined with the latest technologies - components that in perfect interaction accompany the audience in the adventure experience of "MAGNA GRECIA - THE ORIGINAL MYTHS" - a magnificent multimedia show designed by Emir Kusturica.


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