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The Europa Park "HISTORAMA" is a new multimedia attraction with 3 movable guest cabins, revolving in between a total of 6 different sceneries. The attraction is dedicated to the more than 250 years old history of the Europa Park and the Mack family as the driving force behind the park. Accodingly each of the sceneries focusses on a different aspect of the park.

At their seats, the visitors are welcomed by a clumsy park attendant who accidentally sets off the alarm whereupon the museum comes to life and takes the spectators to a journey through time. Each of the five upcoming scenes offers completely new experiences and is dedicated to another aspect of the park. So, in one scene, the spectators rush through the history of the park, while another scene is dedicated to the family business „Mack“ as the innovation motor behind the curtains. Another scene presents an on-ride experience of the park’s rollercoasters by means of a 180° panorama and finally also the sensational shows with all the stars and glamour are celebrated with a true multimedia spectacular.

A total of twenty-seven digital video projections with an overall light power of more than 160.000 Lumens create images and 180° panoramas, which take the spectator right in the heart of the action. 12 video projections move together with the spectators through the scenes. No less than 9 laser projectors generate atmospheric 3D beam effects and sophisticated 3D projections. One laser projector is even mounted onto the arm of an industrial robot; two others are fully moveable. Special highlights include 3D projections with laser and video which are floating like hologram in mid-air, an innovative HoloFlow fog projection surface as well as a writing water screen. Elaborately designed sceneries and numerous special effects, such as wind, fog, water dispensers and light effects as well as three stage lifts, water fountains and a Water Screen top off the spectacle. A surround system, especially designed for the room geometry of the guest cabins, provides rich 3D sound. The whole attraction is controlled by a real-time multimedia workstation LACON-5, allowing most simple programming and maintenance by means of a wirelessly operated laptop computer.

The Europa Park Historama is a co-produktion with the Europa Park and the Calren Studios.