E-line International Februar 1995

"LOBO news" 

LOBO's computer controlled laser systems proved its efficiency during this year's ILDA (International Laser Display Association ) awards in Lincoln / Nebraska (USA), as Lobo was the only German company that won not only one but two prizes . The first prize in the category advertisement / corporate theater was awarded for the lasershow "1250 JAHRE FULDA" which is a completely new way to do product presentations. LOBO used an aluminium model of a 190 Mercedes in its original size, and set it directly under a laser projection area. While an impressing animation show presented the regional automobile supply industry and its products, the model was illuminated by laser fed fiber optics highlighting the respective parts. The following beamshow completed the presentation. Their second prize was for the beamshow "MISSION" in the beam/ atmospheric display catergory. This is a standard show out of LOBO's software contract, which clearly shows the intention of the German high-tech company to offer the best entertainment and highest quality standard at somewhat more than DM 300, -per month.




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