E-line International Mai 1995

"LOBO develops new laser system" 

We all know that Laser beams can hurt the eye if the laser is not operated correctly. According to German DIN standard, the effects of a laser with a performance of 1mW on humans has to be checked. In the past it was very difficult to judge the laser beam which hits the eye. LOBO electronic, have created a new standard by the development of the new . laser measuring system LMS-2. The new LMS-2 measuring system finds out in seconds if the laser in question respects the values stipulated in the corresponding DIN standard. LMS-2 consists of three components which are portable and independent from the network. Just like the human eye, the detector LD-2 has a diaphragm of 7mm and is created for visible wavelengths. LMS-2 permits measurements with a sampling rate of 10Mhz. All estimations and calculations are by the menu-guided software LS -2. The values can be shown as graphics display and printed with additional data. LMS-2 permits also continuous wave (CW) measurements.




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