Entertainment Technology Asia November/December 2005

"Handshake of competitors – Tarm's Müller and LOBO"


International: Hardly any press release from LOBO caused such a sensation in the press and among competitors as the announcement, that Rüdiger Müller, visionary mentor in respect of show lasers, founder of the company "Technical Acoustic Rüdiger Müller" (tarm), today commercial director and creative director of the tarm laser & showtechnik OHG will set up a LOBO representation as a solution provider for installation and rental projects in Bochum.

For days the telephone rang without break. Confusing rumours circulated among insiders, competitors and press representatives. It seemed most incredible that Rüdiger Müller and Lothar Bopp, presenting themselves for outsiders like competing titans of the laser show industry, should suddenly bundle their strengths. But in the meantime, what initially started as a rumour, turned into a fact. The LOBO logo flaunts on the facade of the building with the dignified "Rombacher Hütte 10" address and tarm laser & showtechnik OHG has started its business activities as official LOBO solution provider. Müller specializes mainly on "entertainment gastronomy" - revue and theatre.

When LOBO started business almost 25 years ago, tarm was already established in the show laser industry. In just a few years LOBO turned into an equal competitor thanks to innovative technical solutions, and captured markets where laser was depreciated at that time. In 1996 the (renowned] economist Prof. Simon named LOBO a "Hidden champion for computer-controlled laser systems." One year later a famous magazine "The Handelsblatt" wrote in their series "Unknown Market Leaders" about LOBO as the "technological global market leader" of show laser technology. In addition there were numerous awards, among them - Innovation Award of the State, the LDI Award or 72 ILDA Awards, awarded by the umbrella organization of the laser show industry lor outstanding creative achievements and path-breaking technical solulJons. For seven years now, no other company received more of these "Laser Oscars" than LOBO.

After many ups and downs, Müller regards himself again on the winning side. "I know the market as hardly anyone else and I have still many ideas which I would like to realise. According to my personal opinion, no other company in the show laser market is in the position to hold a candle to LOBO. Therefore a co-operation with LOBO was the only logical consequence. Thus I can concentrate on my true strength and implement projects without the limitations of my own , old-fashioned technology."




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