Entertainment Technology Asia September/October 2003


International: At last year's ceremony of the ILDA Awards, LOBO not only received the "Laser Oscars“ for the sixth time running but the 12 awards was a record. Samething like this never happened before in the history of the ILDA (International Laser Display Association), the US based umbrella organization of the industry. With a total of 12 awards including tour 1st prizes approximately ane third of all ILDA Awards "for outstanding creative achievements" went to LOBO during the glamorous ceremony which took place in the Brussels Plaza Theater last year. With that the southern-German based laser expert received for the sixth time running more of the renowned laser show awards than any ether company.

Secret winner: The LOBO software contract.

Four three-dimensional beam shows were awarded including two 1st prizes. It is remarkable that all awarded beam shows originate from the LOBO software contract, a show subscription service which comprises the supply of one beam show per month for EUR 215,-.

LOBO's Art-Director: "With our software contract we prove that laser shows of international reputation da not have to be expensive. We ensure the outstanding quality and diversity of our more than 150 shows produced on subscription basis by contracting show designers of various professional backgrounds. This is of course a decisive argument for the purchase of a LOBO laser system: Besides technical quality and the purchase price, what counts in the end is what the spectator gets to see. Over the years we could convince more and more clients thanks to our unsurpassed price-performance ratio and a comprehensive service not only in the technical area but also with shows. This is an attractive alternative to the wide-spread practice to ship with a laser system pile of shows which are not useable in practical operation."

Miracles in the Europa Park

A customer, who appreciates LOBO's technical competence and creativity already for many years, is the Europa Park in Rust. At the beginning of this year, LOBO realised an attraction named "Mysteries of the World" divided in five sceneries, which received an ILDA award in the category "Multimedia Show". More than 30 persons were involved with the accomplishment of this show for aperiod of approximately ane year. Besides extravagant computer animations as weil as light and special effects, laser is only one instrument in the entire multimedia orchestra. Almost the wh oie attraction was supplied as a turn-key solution by LOBO.

National Holiday Hungary

That LOBO's service does not end with the sale of laser systems and corresponding shows is shown by the award for the almost legendary laser spectacle which has been staged on the occasion of the Hungarian National Holiday in the night sky above Budapest. LOBO's engineers were confronted with the seemingly unsolvable task, to present a laser show visible in the whole city and perfectly synchronized to TV and radio transmissions. At this event the individual projectors were placed from each other at a distance of many kilometers. Due to the modern rental park and a know how of more than 20 years, LOBO was in the position to crack this tough assignment.

Behind the scenes: LACON-5

At LOBO's it is an open secret that besides the know how and creativity also the hardware is responsible for an outstanding quality of the shows. Today LOBO is the only full-range manufacturer on the market ensuring with its modularized hardware concept that the technique can be perfectly adapted for any kind of application. The most influence on shows has, without doubt, the laser and multimedia workstation LACON-5, introduced to the market one and a half year ago. It is by far the most efficient laser animation system on the market, which can control up to 16 independent projectors and all peripheral units necessary for extraordinary multimedia shows. In this context it is noticeable that LOBO was awarded especially for the application of the latest animation techniques like they were used e.g. for the animation of the roller coaster "Silverstar" or for a countdown.

Look into the future "Scanline Videos"

Without LACON-5 the realisation of the 1st prize-awarded laser show "Mystere" in the category "Indoor Show" would not have been possible. This show LOBO regards proudly as a "laser show of the next generation". Even experts were amazed by the high resolution projections of MPEG videos which can be displayed by LOBO's latest "Scanline Laser Video" technology via common laser projectors in combination with classic line displays and three-dimensional beam effects. The award for the hand-drawn animated sequence of a·dinosaur baby, which was produced for a new attraction in the Changzhou Dinosaur Park near Shanghai, also shows that in the laser studios in Aalen also the classic skills are mastered.




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