mondo technology in entertainment March/April 2000

"millennium events" / "LOBO: multimedia temple"

Literally the whole world – via 65 TV stations – witnessed LOBO's laser projection on a 220 sqm water screen in front of Berlin's famous Brandenburg Gate at Germany's official Millennium Party. 'Chronology' was the name of the show that took the spectators at Paris Square on a speedy journey through 10,000 years of human history. The 3D beam show accompanied the specially composed Berlin Hymn that was followed by the countdown to the year 2000.

Same time, different place: 'Deutsches Eck' (German Corner) in Koblenz. A giant star of laser beams floated between the city's most famous buildings. A few minutes before midnight, the crowd on the banks of the River Rhine looked in keen anticipation towards the rock underneath Ehrenbreitstein Castle on the other side of the water. The laser specialists from Aalen took advantage of this impressive natural scenery as a projection medium for their countdown.

Less than 150km away in Trier, Germany's oldest town, a laser-drawn '2000' was projected on to the famous Porta Nigra gate.

All the events were based on the same concept and were synchronised to perform at exactly the same time. LOBO's Art Director, who was responsible for the 'Chronology' project, stated: "It is an incredibly fascinating feeling to be aware that a synchronised laser show is performed at different places at the same time and almost the whole world can watch it."

In addition to 'Chronology', LOBO's Millennium projection on Cape Town's Table Mountain was already a huge promotional success months before New Year's Eve. Further LOBO projects included a rave in Hong Kong and an open air concert in Austria.


LOBO: multimedia temple

LOBO's unique production, service and logistics centre in Aalen is setting standards for the whole show laser industry – not only in architechture but also in technology.

According to different independent market anaIysts, LOBO is the worldwide leader in show laser business. Now, the company has just moved to new futuristic looking premises, outstanding in size and function.

Situated at an exposed position in Aalen the building is visible for miles around. A 15m high tower connects its different wings spreading in all directions like a fan. Mirrored blue glass faeets, dominant steel elements and intersecting aluminum fronts give the building a futuristic and timeless look. The clearly shaped spacious 2- storey entrance hall with its gallery and walkways leading to the different administration rooms is full of light creating a spacious atmosphere and esprit. The casino situated on the second floor of the tower offers a good view of the surrounding parts of the building.

The avant-garde design doesn't just look good, it also facilitates cabling, material handling and improves the coordination of production sequences. The modern heating, ventilation and air condition systems, as well as electrical installations, were planned according to ecological guidelines. The developed area without traffic is about 3,000 sqm, the useable floor space is approx. 4,000 sqm. The total area comprises 25,000 sqm.

Managing Director Lothar Bopp: "Laser is a medium needing a lot of space. Two small production studios and our 550 sqm multimedia studio with a gallery for 250 spectators is the perfect location for the production and rehearsal of even the most demanding large-scale projects for our international customers."

The studio really is unique: half of the eight laser projectors are motorised and can be driven down from the ceiling. About 350 mirrors enoble an optimal use of the space. For the demonstration of the well-known LOBO Water Screens® 60 sqm basin is integrated in the middle of the studio. In addition to 4 Indoor Water Sereens® which work according to the waterfall principle and an Outdoor Water Screen® consisting of fountain segments, another 26 conventionol projection sereens of all types - some of them rolling, some of them gathered, same are guided on track, some to be folded down from the ceiling or from the walls - complete the large range of projection media.

5 high-power light scanners, 20 slide projectors, approximately 140 spotlights, 2 fibre star curtains, light pads as weil as 4 Hughes-JVC and Barco video projectors fed by hard disk players and DVD players are available for the production of multimedia highlights.. A vibration floor makes you feel the power of the 10 kW sound system. The complete studio equipment is controlled by the LACON laser and multimedia workstations developed by LOBO. Furthermore all the available LOBO controllers and projectors can be presented under realistic conditions. Most amazing is the fact that you will not find one single laser in the studio! Glass fibres conduct the laser light from the neighbouring laser labs info the studio. Many of the innovative products that have made LOBO a major player in show laser technology were developed in these laboratories.

Next to the labs you will find the production, packaging and dispatch departments. The production department is surrounded by the 4 warehouses to facilitate the direct supply from outside. There is no doubt that new trend-setting ideas for the whole show laser industry will originate from these halls.






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