Park World June 2003


For years Europa Park in Germany has been bringing its visitors tastes from different countries across its various themed lands, now it does so in one attraction with the arrival of Wonders of the World, a new multimedia experience inside the 'French' area of the park.

This new laser show is unique both in content and the technical equipment it uses and is one of two new visual performances at the park following the opening in April of the 4th Dimension 4-D theatre. It was supplied by Germany's own laser specialist LOBO Multimedia and is one of three projects the company has worked on with Europa Park to date.

"Everything from the first idea, the storyboard, the comptete production of music, video and multimedia technology, and even the realisation on-site exterior design and public relations assistance was supplied by us as a turnkey solution," reveals LOBO's general manager, Lothar Bopp.

The spectator enters Wonders of the World through a winding tunnel equipped with sporadic light effects and mirrors ensuring that the eyes adapt gently to the darkness. After a short waiting time, they enter a hall and soon afterwards the light beams down and the screen in front of them becomes transparent.

Suddenly an over-excited professor pops up to talk to the assembled crowd about a time machine he has invented, but before he gets into detail his daughter sets it into motion. A 10-minute long joumey through time then follows and together the audience and the professor experience the seven ancient wonders of the world, plus a few wonders of the new world.

The technical equipment used to produce the show resembles something dose in quantity to the professor's own time rnachine and in fact the whole control devices and laser equipment have been seamlessly integrated into the scenery of his laboratory.

A central laser system supplies via fibreoptics six digital projectors. one of which is even mounted onto the head of an industrial robot to produce a varied ray of effects.The moving lights are complemented by a range of special effects that include the use of wind generators to involve the spectators directly in the action.

An international team of 30 designers. musicians, performers. technicians and software developers worked on the production of the show then assembled it at the park within just three weeks.

The professor has been created as a three·dimensional cartoon character displayed partly by laser and partly by conventional video projectors. Changes in the video passages as well as the final lip-synchronisation of the professor; however, could only be completed directly on site via the use of a mobile video workstation.

The construction of the theatre itself is also described as impressive. Throughout the show, the audienee in transported from scene to scene and by the end of it will notice that the theatre appears to have moved to another location. This is made possible by a revolving motion.

Visitor surveys already prove that the show has been well received by guests.




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