The Laserist Winter 2018/2019


ILDA Member LOBO electronic staged a spectacular laser show for the grand opening of the Thyssenkrupp Elevator Test Tower in Rottweil. which also has the tallest observation deck in Germany at 246 meters (807 feet).

A crane on the roof lifted LOBO's three-ton 10 foot shipping container to the top of the tower. Inside were six lasers optimized with tight beams for long-distance scanning, plus two LACON-5 laser control workstations - one as master and one as backup.

The tower lasers aimed at three spectator areas 1300 meters (0.8 miles) away, as well as at eight historic towers in the town of Rottweil. One tower was at a distance of 2400 meters (1.5 miles). Using LOBO's AMP-6 high-precision graphic scanner, the beam could be moved in steps as small as 40 mm (1.6 inches) over the 2400-meter distance.

Aircraft safety was a key consideration. LOBO notified aviation safety authorities as weil as the local police helicopter service prior to all tests and the performance. A third LACON system was installed at a local radio station to play the audio soundtrack. This allowed listeners to see the lasers synchronized exactly with the audio, with no time delay due to the vast distances involved.

On the day of the show, there was a festive atmosphere in Rottweil, with a Ferris wheel and a dining table of 246 meters for visitors to enjoy local delicacies. At 8:00pm the audience areas were full and the opening ceremony show began.

Fireworks lit the tower and sky. while laser beams from the tower laid majestically over the spectators like a projecting hand in different colors. After the impressive 12-minute show, the lasers remained on for 90 minutes, statically connecting the eight historical towers with Rottweil's newest and tallest achievement.




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