Lighting Today September-December 2007

"Mother Earth Goes Multimedia"

With "AMACEON“ LOBO has created one of Europe's most spectacular permanently installed multimedia experiences, which even sent the public at a specialist exhibition in Dubai into raptures.

The scientist Dr James Lovelock developed the thesis in the seventies that Earth could be seen as one great living organism. This inspired LOBO's Creative Director, to create an opulemly staged multimedia show, the "AMACEON" at the Holiday Park in Hassloch.

This leisure park in the Palatine region of Germany, which is known far and wide far its attractions with an especially high experience value, brought in the world leader LOBO for its new top attraction with investment figures up in the millions.

On the quest for Mother Earth, an impressive multimedia orchestra consisting of layered video projections, lasers. water, fire and uncounted special effects takes the spectators for 15 minutes into an abstract dream world. A team of more than 60 people made this ambitious project come true within just 5 months. This LOBO creation is a universally applicable multimedia theater, which could easily be used in the future with minimum effort to stage other programs in an alternating operation.

To be able to whisk visitors to the park away for about 15 minutes into a dream werld Far from reality requires enormous technical efforts behind the scenes.

To make the experience perfectthe new attraction offers water fountain effects. water cloud effects. underwater fire effects. 8-channel surround sound and a complete Armada of moveable and conventional lighting. Water sprinklers over the spectators, wind machines and fog generators provide the last touch of perfection to the dream machinery. The multimedia erchestra is controlled by LOBO's real-time multimedia workstation LACON 5. which guarantees the simplest system operation imaginable as well as quick program changes.

Spectators witness the Big Bang, the creation of life and the origins of the human face. One minute Mather Earth is sen ding down lightning and lire or spraying the spectators with powerful fountains; the next minute she is playfully attending to the origins of life and her favourite creation, humans.

Compared with the show production at LOBO's, the final adaptation at the location was accomplished quickly in a few nights' werk thanks to the well-polished control concept. Directly aher the final inspection of the show by the park's general manager Wolfgang Schneider, LOBO's Creative-Director flew straight off to Dubai. where LOBO managed to amaze the hardheaded experts at the PALME exhibition with a slimmed down version of AMACEON.



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