Park World April 2011

"LOBO lights up Middle East"

LOBO, the German laser and multimedia specialist, recently launched two shows in the Middle East.

In Oman, a 28 day spectacular was staged during the Muscat Festival as part of festivities celebrating 40 years of reign of Sultan Qaboas.

The show, which used the lake of Qurum Park as a backdrop, was put together in just six weeks by LOBO's creative director and his multi-award-winning team. Lasting just under half on hour, the show aroused the senses of around two million festival visitors (not bad in a country of just three million people), featuring among other highlights 3D computer animations of existing and future land marks and vivid water projections.


To bring the show of life, LOBO installed seven ultra-bright laser systems, 90 high-powered searchlights, 24 fog generators, wind machines, fire effects, four video systems, three water screens and one of the largest mobile fountain systems around. Mimovec Pirotehniko provided the pyrotechnics, while a local company supplied the sound system.


Meanwhile in Iran, LOBO has launched a new nightly spectacular in the ancient Persian city of Hamedon. Thanks to its heritage - the capital of the Meder empire is one of the oldest cities in the world - Homedan offers a huge Vareity of interesting historical sites.

A war memorial on the outskirt of the city proved to be the perfect backdrop for LOBO's 2,000-seat show arena, which is constructed around a purpose-built lake. Laser and video projections onto a 40-metre-wide water screen are coupled with a musical fountain system to produce water effects up to 60-metres-high.

"The venue is really impressive and offers perfect conditions for a show," notes LOBO creative director. "As a European, I was virtually overwhelmed by the vitality, openness and hospitality of the people here. We really wanted to express this attitude in our shows."




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