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Do you want to acquire a multimedia attraction for your theme park? Need a laser system for your cruise ship? Or use a permanent outdoor installation for advertising purposes? LOBO is your partner.

LOBO has everything you need to make your event uniquely brilliant and leave a lasting impression on your audience. From small company celebrations to elaborately staged product launches to absolute mega-events such as national holidays with several hundred thousand spectators, LOBO offers unique and tailor-made solutions.

With individual show production, impressive technical concepts and a constantly updated rental park, LOBO is an expert and experienced partner of major companies and institutions worldwide.

Installations from a single source!

At LOBO you get everything for your installation project from a single source: starting with personal consultation, through individual planning, to reliable execution.

LOBO is an established full-service provider for permanently installed multimedia spectacles in a wide variety of applications worldwide, including not just lasers, but also lighting, video, audio, screens, water fountains, trussing, fire and special effects, and media control systems.

LOBO pursues a long-lasting professional partnership with its customers, extending its reliable service far beyond the purchase. Every installation features the following details:

beratung konzeption

Consulting and conceptual design

technische planung square

Installation and training

Installation und Schulung

Technical planning and dimensional drawings

produktsortiment square

Extensive product range / the latest technology

stoyrboard square

Storyboard and content production

after sales square

After-sales service and warranty

How about some inspiration?

The following installations have proven to delight our clients – and their clients:

tile parks attractions

Parks & Attraction Design

tile information

Information & Advertisement

tile cruise ships

Cruise Ships & Yachts

tile planetariums cinema

Cinemas & Planetariums

tile clubs

Clubs & Discotheques

tile arts theater

Arts & Theater

Do you want your project to become a highlight?
LOBO is your partner!

When you choose LOBO, you don't just have innovative equipment at your disposal, but also years of expertise. It doesn't matter if it's an amusement park, a cruise ship, a planetarium, a shopping mall or an advertising display: LOBO fully accompanies you through all the project phases – from competent consulting, to the installation itself, all the way to 24/7 service.

Beratung und Konzeption

Consulting and conceptual design

Usually the customer has a specific project and a certain idea of the desired effect on the audience or visitors, but experience has shown that they lack the necessary expertise in media technology and conceptual design. At this point, LOBO comes into play with competent consulting. A team of creative and technical planners develops initial concepts and technical implementation options in close dialogue with the customer. After final decision by the customer, the chosen concept provides the basis for further detailed technical development and for the corresponding content creation.

technische planung

Technical planning and dimensional drawings

Regardless of whether the purchase involves only a relatively simple laser display system or a complete attraction for an amusement park - LOBO provides appropriate and detailed planning. Starting with block diagrams, assembly positions and cable plans up to detailed CAD dimension drawings. LOBO even takes care of the planning for any external trades, such as earthworks or other construction measures.


Storyboard and content production

Apart from technical planning, projects often also entail the development of a creative component. This is why LOBO's in-house media designers create a meaningful storyboard in advance - the basis of the content production. Several production studios for audio, video and laser as well as a fully equipped, state-of-the-art multimedia studio of several hundred square meters are at the disposal of the designers for the final programming of the desired show content under realistic conditions.


Installation and training

An in-house staff of engineers and technicians from a wide range of disciplines is available to install the technology on site. The team ensures that the installation is carried out professionally and in accordance with the relevant standards. The adaptation of the show content to the local conditions by media designers is also done here. This is followed by the preparation of documentation for a safety acceptance of the laser systems by a third-party institute. After successful installation, each of the customer's operators receives comprehensive training in operation and technical control. In addition, the training and certification of the operating personnel as laser safety officers according to §5 paragraph 2 of the OStrV is also included.


Extensive product range / Latest technology

As a system integrator, LOBO has a wide product range of the latest high-quality media technology such as audio, video, lighting, water fountains, fire and special effects at its disposal. It's also a renowned developer and manufacturer. For instance, laser systems, multimedia controls, video players and projection surfaces such as motorized screens, gauze screens, water screens etc. are developed and manufactured directly at LOBO in Germany. In the laser display technology sector in particular, LOBO is regarded as a driver of innovation: in fact, it was LOBO engineers, for example, who developed the first laser color mixing unit ready for series production or the first digital signal transmission system. So, LOBO customers can be sure that they're part of the elite group of companies that are at the forefront of market development and invest in solutions with high value retention and reliability.

after sales

After-sales service and warranty

Alongside the usual warranty, LOBO offers a comprehensive after-sales service. This means that LOBO customers get unlimited support by phone and e-mail for the products they've purchased. By means of the novel HelpLink function, LACON-5® users can even grant LOBO service engineers remote access to the system. This allows support that's almost as fast and targeted as if the specialist were sitting right next to you. In the event of serious technical problems or malfunctions, qualified engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - thus 365 days a year - via the LOBO emergency hotline. This guarantees a maximum response time of 24 hours for service requests. Since all typically required spare parts are kept in stock, you can rely on a fast and effective solution of technical problems, including service by engineers at your site.


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