Effect mirrors re-direct or manipulate laser beams projected from a laser projector. Mirrors spread laser effects all over a venue to create the illusion that the audience is surrounded by many laser sources.

Thanks to powerful controllers and high-precision scanning systems, every LOBO system is designed to align external mirror effects in a minimum of time without the need for mechanical beam tables.

Using a large set of mirrors, even a simple laser system with just one projector can look more impressive than a multi-projector laser system without any mirror effects.

System Overview

In addition to conventional bouncing mirrors LOBO’s Mirror System MS offers a wide choice of different effects which change the shape and the color of a laser beam. Reflective grating effects spread a laser beam in different colorful patterns, mirror balls are used to create intense laser stars and tunnels create cone-shaped beam effects.

The Mirror System MS provides a rock-solid mechanical design and ensures a quick alignment thanks to a locking mechanism which can be operated using only one hand. For applications with long distances LOBO provides mirrors with usable diameters up to 290 mm with its LD versions.

Examples of use

To give you a better impression of the quality and flexible applications of the products, you can find photos and videos and different application examples here:


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