In almost all applications of laser systems, additional peripheral devices such as screens, fog generators or wind machines have to be controlled.

Most applications of laser systems require the control of additional peripheral equipment: screens, fog generators or wind machines, for example. All LOBO controllers are equipped to integrate such devices and even more.

With the new DDL-2®-based interfaces of the DEMUX series, almost all control tasks can be performed by one controller via just one single optical data connection. Furthermore, LOBO provides live effect controllers and laser-safety measurement systems, which can be used in combination with laser systems from any manufacturer.

Control Interfaces

The DEMUX series is a new generation of intelligent I/O interfaces for DDL®-based laser systems. They convert DDL® laser control signals into analog signals, as they are required for conventional laser projectors and ILDA Standard Projectors (ISP). For controllers, supporting the DDL-2®

protocol, some DEMUX interfaces provide remote ports for audio, DMX-512, serial data and digital channels. The transmission of the respective signals is effected via the DDL-2® data bus. SICON-3®, POCON-3® and PSP-3 can be used for the control of conventional peripheral devices.


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