Mega Events

Mega events are usually designed for large crowds. Lasers, video projections, audio systems, fire effects, water screens, moving lights and fog generators can be deployed as multimedia combinations. A mega-event can be a public holiday, a national jubilee or a major sporting event. Examples would be the Asia Games with 3 billion viewers at the screens, the Hungarian bank holidays in Budapest with an audience of 1.2 million people on site, or the official millennium celebration in Berlin, which was broadcast live by 65 TV stations.

Mega Events

Muscat Festival 2011, Oman

As the highlight of the festivities celebrating 40 years of Sultan Qaboos' reign, LOBO staged a 28-day multimedia spectacle for the 2 million vistors of the Muscat Festival on a huge artificial lake in Muscat's Qurum Park. In total, LOBO installed 7 ultra-bright laser systems, 24 fog generators with wind machines, a generous set of special outdoor laser mirrors and 4 video systems. On top of that, 3 Water Screens, one of the largest mobile fountain systems, 20 fire effects, about 90 high-power lights, fireworks effects and a powerful sound system installed around the lake were employed.

Lasershow BKNY09 2009

Mega Events

New Year's Eve 2009, Bucharest

It was the most spectacular use of the new "sparks®" laser technology to date: The 30-minute New Year's show, directed by Jerry Appelt, in front of the second-largest building of the world. Approximately 100 meters above the stage, a sparks® system projected the countdown to the new year onto the 275 m wide façade of the Palace of Parliament and provided mirror effects during the subsequent show, while 5 additional projectors had been installed in front of the audience to create athmospheric beam effects. Thanks to the extraordinary beam quality and a power of 17 Watts per sparks® system, the laser effects were still highly visible despite the extremely bright background created by fireworks and 60 Space Cannons.

Asian Games 2006 Athletes1

Mega Events

Asian Games, Doha

A slim aluminum pillar rises from a giant cloud of fog right in the center of Khalifa Stadium, a little boy at the top. Suddenly, he raises his hands in the air and is surrounded by a gleaming halo made of laser light. The platform he is standing on sends multi-color laser beams into every direction, eventually covering the entire field with illumination. This dream of Thousand and One Night was realized thanks to a laser system with a total white-light power of 94 Watts, feeding a total of 5 projectors on the pillar via fiber-optics.

Mega Events

Inauguration of the "Hemispheric", Valencia

At the "Hemispheric", a construction shaped like an oversized "eye", LOBO inaugrated Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, one of the most impressive architectural projects of the decade, which had been created by Santiago Calatrava. The massive multimedia performance using large-scale video and laser projections, hundreds of moving lights and tons of fireworks is considered one of the most spectacular laser shows ever made.

02C002 Lasershow Eventservice Mega Events Hungarian National Holiday 1

Mega Events

Hungarian National Holiday, Budapest

A laser show of the superlatives above the city of Budapest with more than 1.2 million spectators on site: 9 laser systems, spread all over the city and its surrounding elevations, are synchronized to a magnificent fireworks display on Gellert Hill, with a live soundtrack broadcast over two radio stations.

02D040 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Spectacles National Holiday Liechtenstein 3

Mega Events

National Holiday, Liechtenstein

Due to the fire hazard caused by extreme droughts in Europe, LOBO staged an overwhelming laser spectacular in place of the traditional fireworks show – with just 2 days of preparation. Synchronized laser projections onto Vaduz Castle, the arts museum, as well as beam effects projected from the castle, excited the audience in the valley.

02C011 Lasershow Eventservice Mega Events Millennium Event Berlin 1

Mega Events

Millennium Celebration, Berlin

LOBO was tasked with the official start of Germany into the year 2000 at the Brandenburg Gate Berlin, the central landmark of the re-unified country. The show was covered live by 56 TV stations and seen by approx. 2 billion TV spectators and 2 mio. spectators around the festival mile of the Gate. The show in Berlin is synchronized with laser shows in Trier, Koblenz and Austria.

02A01700 Lasershow Eventservice Mega Events Olympic Games Barcelona

Mega Events

Olympic Games, Barcelona

Animated laser displays with a “Hommage to Miro” fascinate the visitors of the Olympic Summer Games 1992 in Barcelona.

Ankara2 crop

Mega Events

75th Anniversary of Turkey, Ankara

Highlight of the festivities for the 75th anniversary of Turkey in front of the houses of parliament in Ankara, using a large-scale mobile laser system of the Laser Truck® series, additional independent multi-color laser systems, fireworks and a Jet Water Screen®.

02C03600 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows Istanbul 2000 Application

Mega Events

Olympic Bid 2000, Istanbul

For Istanbul's bid to host the Olympic Games in 2000, Turkey came up with something special: An elaborate laser animation show for the Olympic Committee, which dined at the Kempinski Hotel, and immediately afterwards a mega show for the entire population of Istanbul on the Bosporus – the technical realization was absolutely extraordinary.


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