A laser projector typically consists of a scanning system, sometimes a color mixing unit and the laser itself.

Some applications require miniaturized scanning systems in the event room, which are fed with laser light via fiber optic cable from a central laser system. In order to meet all requirements, LOBO offers a wide range of optical modules that allow the completely individualized design of a projection system.

Scanning systems can also be built into moving projectors, giving the user the freedom to move laser graphics and spatial beam effects in any direction.

Projector Components

The key component of each laser projector is the scanning unit. Its accuracy and speed define the display quality and the universal usability of a whole laser system. LOBO scanning systems with DDL® not only ensure a perfect display of vector graphics and precise targeting of external effect mirrors; they are so fast that they can even project Scanline® laser videos.

Depending on the type of laser, color projectors require a color mixing unit. The unsurpassed efficiency and color management of the RGB-AO series ensures that expensive laser power is not lost within the color mixing process.

Optical Modules

In some applications, it is not possible or not desired to place rather bulky laser projection equipment inside the venue. In these cases, the laser light, coming from the laser or the color mixer, can be transmitted to a compact scanning system by means of fiber optic technology. 

LOBO provides optical modules for fiber optic systems which ensure the maximum transmission of laser power thanks to an extremely precise mechanical design and the use of high-performance glass fibers exclusively manufactured to LOBO specifications.


Breadboards are required to set up complex and customized laser projection systems. LOBO breadboards are especially developed for laser display applications, provide a flexible layout and a sophisticated anti-torsion design which reduces the negative influence of temperature variations to a minimum.

Each breadboard is available with an optional dust-protective enclosure system furnished with an antireflexion-coated projection window and a large, lockable cover allowing easy servicing of optomechanical components.

Projector Housings

Laser projectors can be operated with integrated lasers or can be fed by an external laser system using glass fiber technology. With the LGP series, LOBO provides universal housings which can alternatively be used for both applications.

For fiber-supplied systems, the projector housing itself can be reduced to a very compact size. The Grating Box is a very special housing of that kind equipped with a grating effects section which allows manifold modifications of scanned graphics by means of effect gratings.

Projection Robot

Laser Projection Robots probably are one of the most spectacular ways to stage laser performances in close reach of the audience. The look of the robot and its multi-dimensional movements, combined with the advantages of being able to project in all directions, adds an innovative touch to product displays or to didactic installations, such as for example in planetariums.

The Projection Robots are fed externally with laser light by means of glass fibers and can also be mounted on pneumatic lifts or linear drives.

Examples of use

To give you a better impression of the quality and flexible applications of the products, you can find photos and videos and different application examples here:


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