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Having a unique product, a futuristic company building or a decisive knowledge advantage is important. But it's just as important to communicate this unique selling proposition to the outside world. Ultra-bright outdoor laser beams to draw attention to landmarks, large-scale outdoor laser and video projections on buildings, facades or monuments to convey messages or for advertising purposes – LOBO's solutions more than meet these requirements. With LOBO, everything is tailored to your needs: from indoor projections on gauze screens or curtain water screens, for example in shopping malls or museums, to multimedia equipment for visitor centers and company showrooms for training and customer acquisition, to the permanent installation of systems in showcars or trade fair exhibits, which customers display themselves at various trade fairs around the world – every project is designed individually.

 Lasershow Ashgabad Towers Project New Year 2012 Downtown

Information & Advertising

The "Ashgabat Towers Project", Turkmenistan

This installation is set to break all records and sets new standards worldwide. The installation connects the highest towers of the Turkmenistan capital city Ashgabat with dazzling-bright laser beams in the national color of green. Display lasers create brilliant building projections. Only lasers of the highest brightness class have been used. The automation of the installation is handled by the LACON-5 platform. Thanks to integrated GPS-modules, it also takes care of absolutely exact synchronization of all laser systems. Considering the enormous extension of the installation, officials of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) believe that it is the largest permanent display laser installation in the world.

08C022 sparks Anwendungen WEP Hueckelhoven.jpeg

Information & Advertising

WEP Display, Hückelhoven

The regional power provider WEP uses the facade of an old industry building for promotional purposes. Without any changes at the building itself, one single sparks laser projector creates dazzling bright projections, seen from far away, onto projection surfaces of various distances, textures and even on curved structures. Even onto the smoke of the chimney! And all that with a power consumption of not more than 0,5 kW and a typical lifetime far beyond 10,000 hours. The perfect job for sparks lasers!

Image Mill Quebec Video Mapping

Information & Advertising

"Image Mill", Quebec

The "Image Mill" is known as the world's largest video installation, situated right in the heart of the Canadian city Quebec. LOBO lasers connect the Image Mill over impressing distances with the audience area.

 Mercedes Benz CES 2015 Luxury in Motion Presentation 3

Information & Advertising

Mercedes CES Show Car Laser Display

In his keynote on the occasion of the CES consumer electronics trade show, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche presented Mercedes’ vision of the future in autonomous driving, in the form of the spectacular prototype "F 015 – Luxury in Motion". Installed into the Mercedes star of the vehicle, an extremely miniaturized laser projector – developed by Aalen's laser experts at LOBO specifically for this show car – allows the projection of a variety of information onto the road in front of the car. This includes, among other things, distance information and warnings to pedestrians or other vehicles.

03F00600 Lasershow Installationen Information Laser Billboard Persian Gulf

Information & Advertising

Laser Billboards

When it comes to large projections, be it on a giant building or even on a mountain, there is no alternative to lasers. LOBO lasers stand for high-impact advertisement all around the world – for example in Egypt, Bahrain, Germany, Bangkok or China. LOBO laser billboards can mix any desired pre-programmed content with constantly updated information (e.g. current time, temperature,…) and be kept up-to-date with new information in many ways – even via SMS messages sent from any mobile phone. Touring systems based on the Laser Truck® series can even realize the most ambitious campaigns.

BMW Museum Munich Exterior

Information & Advertising

BMW Museum, Munich

Built into a satellite flying below the ceiling, a fiber-fed projector highlights the position and status of cars and services on a giant map of the city center of Munich. This custom-made exhibit has been running day by day, 10 hours a day, for almost 15 years without any technical failure. Thanks to its fully automated concept, including the control of lasers and cooling, even laser tubes reached a typical lifetime of above 10.000 hours.

BMW 3 series FIRST

Information & Advertising

BMW Trade Show Department, Munich

For BMW, LOBO designed a trade show exhibit about the "F.I.R.S.T." safety concept. Above a cut-open model of a 3-series, a laser projection robot mounted on a linear drive used laser light to spectacularly highlight those parts on the vehicle that could be seen in parallel in a video. The exhibit was seen at all the major auto shows, including Frankfurt, Detroit, Turin and Paris.

03F00500 Lasershow Installations Information Leitz Multimedia Show

Information & Advertising

Leitz Visitor Center, Oberkochen

At the visitor center of the world market leader in wood tooling systems, LOBO created a multimedia spectacular about the company’s history and innovations basing on lasers and panoramic slide projections. A LACON control system allows for a fully automated operation

03F00300 Lasershow Installations Information Schwaebisch Hall Presentation Center 1

Information & Advertising

"Schwäbisch Hall" Visitor Center, Schwäbisch Hall

In the main auditorium of the Schwäbisch Hall visitor center a laser projection robot can be lowered out of the ceiling projecting laser animations of their mascot at any point of the room and also on a panoramic ultra-wide video screen in front of the spectators

Optima Shopping Mall Projection 01

Information & Advertising

Optima Shopping Mall, Košice

The Optima Shopping Mall in Košice – with 175 stores and 7 Cinemaxx movie theaters, spread across 53,000 m² – is the largest shopping center in all of Eastern Slovakia. To further increase the attractiveness for customers, a multicolor laser system was installed in the atrium, which allows both advertising messages and entertainment shows to be projected, floating almost freely above the visitors, onto a semi-transparent scrim screen – to great effect.

03F01430 Lasershow Installations Information NEOM Experience Center Outside 1

Information & Advertising

NEOM Visitor Center, Saudi Arabia

NEOM is a planned city and associated technology park in the northeast of the country planned by the government of Saudi Arabia, in which around 500 billion US dollars are to be invested by 2030. A 26,500 km² area in Tabuk province is earmarked for NEOM. As one of the first construction measures, the Experience Center was completed there. In a multimedia installation designed by the UK branding agency "The Department", Water Screens from LOBO are also used.

Zeilgalerie 00

Information & Advertising

Zeilgalerie, Frankfurt

The Zeilgalerie (also known as "Les Facettes") was opened in the 90s as one of the most modern shopping centers on the Zeil in Frankfurt in an elaborate glass and steel construction. A special attraction of the property is level 7, a multifunctional media center, which offers actions, information and entertainment on more than 1,000 m² - including the roof terrace. Here, LOBO combines HDTV video projectors with two laser systems, which enable both product presentations and the presentation of entertainment.


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