bliss® Laser Projectors

The new bliss® series transfers the groundbreaking features of the extraordinarily successful sparks series to a compact, inexpensive and especially quiet projector, suited ideally for typical indoor applications and smaller outdoor applications.

But bliss® projectors make no compromises in reliability and brightness. Unlike conventional solutions, aligning multiple beams in parallel, bliss® systems perfectly overlay the beams of latest-generation laser diodes with no need for permanent re-alignment. Thanks to PCS, also bliss® projectors provide utmost brightness even at comparatively low output powers.

Product overview

The new bliss® product range has been developed completely new from the ground up  and sets new standards for diode laser systems. You have the choice between a highly-integrated compact projector with an extraordinary design or a modularly designed system on basis of a diode laser module, suitable for the conversion of existing monochrome laser systems using the projector housing LGP-4.

Examples of use

To give you a better impression of the quality and flexible applications of the products, you can find photos and videos and different application examples here:

bliss-XT – Diode Laser

bliss-XT is a purely diode laser-based RGB Laser Entertainment Projector, characterized by the compact dimensions of the innovative exoframe design housing.

bliss XS – Optically Pumped Laser

In addition to the purely diode laser-based XT version, the bliss series is also available in a somewhat larger XS version, featuring optically pumped semiconductor laser modules.

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bliss – Color Variants

For the bliss series, an extensive range of color variants for the deisgn housing is optionally available. Hence, the projectors can be perfectly integrated into the respective application environment with matching colors.

bliss – Mounting Possibilities

As a standard, both the bliss XT as well as the bliss XS version feature camlock quicklocks, ensuring simple and secure traverse mounting.

bliss – Device Rear

Both the integrated diode laser manager as well as the digital high speed scanning unit can be easily controlled via a backlit LC display with a digital rotary encoder and intuitive menu navigation.

bliss – Commissioning

A bliss projector can be put into operation with only a few simple steps. Place the device, connect it to electricity, plug in the DDL fiber optic cable of the controller – done! With optical signal transmission via Digital Data Link DDL/DDL-2, data transmission is not only extremely safe and secure, but remote access to all projector parameters is also possible via controller.

bliss-XS – Application Example Fair Booth

At the BOSCH fair booth at IAA, 3 bliss XS projectors projected animations onto large-scale prints under daylight conditions.

Innovative laser display at the IAA booth of Bosch

Laser in a completely new way: Not dazzlingly bright in a dark environment, but subtle, reduced and elegant, three LOBO bliss-XS laser projectors breathe life into large-scale prints in the background of the bright fair booth. With this, the booth advantageously sets itself apart from the monotonous and omnipresent LED screens at the rest of the fair. LOBO's Creative Director on this project: "The more subdued and reduced you become, the more you have to think about each detail. In cooperation with the supporting agency and the client, we showed an extreme attention to detail to realize this unique fair presentation."

bliss-XT – Application Example Discotheque

Even the smallest bliss-XT projector is already bright enough to generate enticing laser effects in a discotheque.

bliss-X4A Marine Version

The bliss-X4A compact RGB Marine Projector is the newest member of the bliss series, developed specifically for use under rough conditions on the open ocean.

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bliss-X4A Stainless Steel Housing

The housing of the bliss-X4A is made completely from V4A stainless steel and thus offers spray water protection according to IP-64.

bliss-X4A Marine RGB Projector

Impressive demonstration of the protection class (water resistance) of the seaworthy laser projector by rather "unceremonious treatment" with a high-pressure cleaner. The particularly robust, seaworthy multicolor laser projector bliss-X4A was developed in V4A stainless steel design and has protection class IP-64. Therefore, it is particularly suited for outdoor ocean applications on cruise ships and yachts.


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