Special Effects

A laser in itself can also be used in atypical applications - on its own as a highlight or as an accompanying element for a larger overall show. Lasers can be used to highlight or explain, as eye-catching decoration, as a supporting projection on large-format prints at presentations or trade fairs, or just to give product presentations that extra touch. Lasers aren't just for shows or projections in the conventional sense - there are no limits to creativity when it comes to using lasers.

03A10800 Lasershow Installations Parks Sequenz Aquaflyer

Special effects


Aquaflying is a fun-sport concept basing on a co-operation of LOBO, Seadoo and Hans Hass, Jr., the son of the famous diving legend Hans Hass. Diving together with his father for many years, Hans Hass Jr. thought about possibilities how to bring the feeling of flying through the colorful underwater world to a large audience. Hans Hass Jr. teamed up with LOBO to create a three-dimensional, beautiful dream world surrounding the guests when gliding through the water by means of compact scooters.

 BOSCH IAA 2015 Left Panel

Special effects

BOSCH IAA Trade Show Stand

Lasers in a completely different way: Not dazzling bright in a dark environments, but in a rather subtle, reduced and elegant way, three of LOBO's bliss-XS-type laser projectors bring large background prints on this bright stand to life. With this solution, the stand creates a pleasant antipole to the omnipresent flashy standard LED screen setups on this trade show.

Premiere BMW i3 and i8 birth of BMW i8 Foto BMW Group

Special effects

BMW i3 and i8 World Premiere

All eyes in the room are spellbound by the shadow-like appearance inside the endlessly seeming tunnel of pure light, which finally turns out to be BMW’s new eco-racer i8. After the presentation of the Vision Efficient Dynamics car, the technological predecessor of the i8, BMW again relied on LOBO for staging its pioneering eco product line. Above that, cleverly placed and gracefully moving laser surfaces cover all those areas of the vast exhibition area, which were not intended for the public at this time. A total of 9 sparks lasers, each with a brightness of up to 7698 W/sqm have been used for this project. (Photos: BMW Group)

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Leipzig 2010 Laser Performance 6

Special effects

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

A droning heartbeat breaks the silence. All of a sudden, a lightning strikes the air. With every further heartbeat, lasers flash through the darkness in hall no. 1 of the Leipzig Exhibition Center. Accompanied by spherical sounds, two pulsating, dazzling and endlessly appearing planes of pure light spread up. At first, it is not more than an unreal shadow. But then you recognize BMW‘s revolutionary sports car study "Vision Efficient Dynamics" rushing silently towards the audience. On behalf of the technical solution provider "Neumann & Müller", LOBO staged the presentation of the vehicle with two of the multi-awarded "sparks" laser systems – probably the world‘s brightest multi-color laser systems today. (Photos: BMW Group)

02G00300 Lasershow Eventservice Special Effects Illuminated 3D Object BMW 7 series Launch

Special effects

BMW 7-series launch, Hanover

Geometric steel objects surrounding artists and musicians break through a harmoniously moving light surface. Suddenly a strong laser beam passes through the air a tightrope artists uses to balance through the room. Then a real 3D car floats in the air and starts driving on an infinite and rapidly moving surface of light in a room where the spectators stand on different levels on catwalks. Suddenly the surface vanishes and below the feet of the astonished audience a giant lounge for the guests becomes visible to spend the rest of the evening. A dream? No, reality! Thanks to modern laser technology from LOBO.

 The Hugo Boss Affair 1

Special effects

The Hugo Boss Affair, Moscow

Two brilliant laser panes split the darkened room at the Hotel Moscow, suddenly transforming into a cage of laser light, where a tiger prowls across – just a few feet from the astonished audience. Later on the visitors witness the robbery of a large diamond secured by lasers. At the end, Mousse T. boosts the mood within a sea of laserlight. A spectactular production by Hugo Boss in Moscow, made possible via the massive, varied use of only two compact monochrome laser systems.

02F028 Lasershow Eventservice Special Effects Design Annual Frankfurt 1

Special effects

The Design Annual, Frankfurt

At „The Design Annual“ in Frankfurt, visitors experience the best manufacturers in the high-end design segment in the fields of furniture and outdoor furniture, textiles and floor coverings, bathrooms and kitchens, office furniture, lights, accessories, flatware, electro-installations and home entertainment. Besides the extraordinary exhibits, the Festhalle itself bekame a vivid artwork by means of a laser installation with abstract projections on layered semi-transparent scrims mounted throughout the hall. The renowned Milan designers, Patricia Urquiola and Martino Berghinz teamed up with the LOBO to make this extraordinary artistic installation come true.

[Translate to English:] 16B12800 Lasertechnik und Showlaser Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

Special effects

Salt Mines, Berchtesgaden

How to create a magic wonderland of laser light with the technical limitations of a salt mine far underneath the earth surface? LOBO imaginers developed suitable concepts in the LOBO studios and on-site harmonizing both, a maximum of experience value and a technically convincing implementation.

02G01500 Lasershow Eventservice Special Effects SW TV Car Floating on Laser 4

Special effects

Laser Game Show elements

A real 3D maze of light for a TV game show? An interactive real-time laser game for a corporate event? A real car floating on laser beams? All this and much more is possible thanks to the inventive ingenuity and the experience of LOBO’s imagineers. Fantasy is the only limitation.

[Translate to English:] 02G04200 Lasershow Eventservice Special Effects SAP Arena Show 03

Special effects

Kick-off event, SAP Arena Mannheim

The SAP Arena in Mannheim, which has a capacity of up to 15,000 people depending on the type of event and seating, is the venue for this "kick-off event". The production office Zweiplan does not want a laser show in the usual sense for its premium customer at this event, but rather a show using 5 laser projectors for individual accents within the event - for example in interaction with the "DUNDU" large puppets, which "catch" the laser beams and "throw" them onto screens.

[Translate to English:] 14B13000 Screens Anwendungen Holo Flow Screen Holo Flow 1 1

Special effects

Holoflow at ADK booth MEDICA, Düsseldorf, Germany

ADK Modulraum is a market-leading and globally active manufacturer of buildings such as hospitals, schools and hotels in modular construction. For their booth at MEDICA, the largest international trade fair for medicine, they were looking for an eye-catcher that would present both text messages and complex graphic animations in an eye-catching - but still serious - way. LOBO realized this task by a video projection, which floats like a hologram above the ADK booth using a Holoflow®.

 Laser Photography Lightliquid

Special effects

Still Photography

As the perfect experimenting platform for creatives, the LOBO studios are the ideal place for spectacular photo productions. More than a dozen laser projectors for 3D laser elements, a great choice of screens, lighting systems and uncounted special effects provide a creative playground for extraordinary results.

SWR Unser Drittes Beams

Special effects

S3 Station ID Trailer

A spectacular station ID, awarded by ILDA as the year’s best use of laser on television, for the S3 TV station, produced in the LOBO studios by means of atmospheric beam effects and a projection of the station’s slogan which seemed to float in mid-air thanks to the use of Water Screens®.

Event118 1250 Jahre Fulda Studioaufnahme

Special effects

1250 Years Fulda

On the occasion of the 1250th anniversary of the city of Fulda, LOBO stages an impressing spectacular, awarded by ILDA as the best multimedia performance of the year. The show focusing on the high-tech automotive supply industries of Fulda also featured a full-size model of a car packed with dozens of special effects


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