Laser Beams

Laser beams are less of a show and more of a temporary art installation for representing abstract things. Most of the time, the directed lasers show that something is symbolically connected - for example, the partnership between cities or the togetherness of structures, etc. Laser Beams are often single static beams. They can also be used to draw attention to a location with the point of origin of the beam; the beams can be visible for dozens of kilometres. Laser beams are even more conspicuous when they are moved synchronously with each other: the infinity beam® is ideally suited for this purpose, as it can be synchronised with other infinity beams® by means of GPS, regardless of location - virtually worldwide. This feature can also be extended to synchronous transmission of music, for example by a radio station.

Kraft der Berge Laser Beam between Austria and Switzerland 2

Laser Beams

Soccer EC Beam, Bregenz

A laser beam as an arts installation between two mountains in Austria and Switzerland should bundle the 'Power of the Mountains' to lead the two host countries to the final at the Euro08. It was the Austrian artist Gregor Koller who developed this spectacular project, called "Kraft der Berge" (power of mountains), which was intended to bring together the worlds of soccer and art. To make this idea come true, LOBO installed on top of the Pfaender a green high-power laser, featuring special optics to cross the distance of more than 40 kilometers to the Swiss Saentis.

Laser 10

Laser Beams

University Merger, Stuttgart

Right in the heart of the high-tech region of Stuttgart a ‘marriage’ of two universities is symbolized by two connecting beams, meeting at the TV tower, Stuttgart’s landmark above the city center. The chosen lasers provided enough power to compete against the high ambient lighting level of the city.

02B004 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Beams Deutsches Eck Koblenz

Laser Beams

Millennium Event, Koblenz

Already hours before midnight a gioant star of 3 laser beams float over Ehrenbreitstein Castle. One of the beams aim to the Statue of Emperor Wilhelm I at the ‘German Corner’ where thousands of spectators are waiting for the turn to the year 2000. Suddenly a giant laser projection below the castle showing a countdown appears on the other side of the Rhine river. At midnight the masses cheer out loud and a special millennium laser show is launched.

[Translate to English:] 02F00200 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Beams Asia Games Dubai

Laser Beams

Asian Cities Chess Championship, Dubai

Even before Dubai becomes a tourist magnet, LOBO sets an unforgettable highlight at the opening of the 9th "Asian Cities Chess Championship", where Asian countries compete against each other under the patronage of the Prime Minister of the Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

[Translate to English:] 02F01070 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Beams NEOM Experience Center Beams Into The Sky 3

Laser Beams

NEOM – The Line, Saudi Arabien

"The Line" - a megacity over 170 km, preserving 95% of the natural area in NEOM: without cars, without roads and without exhaust fumes. This is the announcement made by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Salaman for the latest venture within the megaproject, the planned city of NEOM. In the run-up to this event, LOBO was commissioned by the Spanish multimedia communication group Mediapro to carry out a technical demonstration of various laser beams on site.

[Translate to English:] 02F00100 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Beams 18 km long Laser Triangle

Laser Beams

Cultural Delta South

As a giant artwork of its own a triangle of laser beams connects the centers of a large cultural festival over distances of 18 kilometers every night. This unique visual experience totally different from conventional sky tracking effects made people driving around at night to have the best view on this extraordinary laser sculpture.


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