Spectacular laser shows can already be created with a laser projector. They can be used for exhibitions, incentives, company anniversaries, inaugurations or trade fair and product presentations. Generally, there are two technically different show segments: on the one hand, the informative part, where facts can be explained or products presented - here, laser animations convey messages, graphics or texts; these can be projected onto different projection materials, for example a classic screen, a semi-transparent gauze screen, a water screen or a Holoflow. For the second part, the laser beam show, fog generators are used to make the laser beams visible to the audience, so that laser light tunnels or fan effects can be generated with simple geometric shapes. This is all about creating emotions by synchronising music with the shape and colour of the laser. In contrast to the informative part of the laser show, the projections are made directly into the audience, creating the impression of infinite laser light tunnels.

Scitec Center Inauguration 00

Laser shows

Inauguration SciTec Center, Al Khobar

In the presence of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, LOBO staged a specifically designed inauguration laser show inside an IMAX Dome cinema in Saudi Arabia’s new science and technology center in Al Khobar. The show not only presented the equipment and the possibilities of the new center with speedy animation sequences, but also the other institutions of the Sultan Bin Abulaziz Foundation.

 Innovation Award Show Award OptoSurf

Laser shows

Innovation Award Anniversary, Stuttgart

The Innovation Award is not only one of the most prestigious awards of its kind in Germany, it also stands like no other award for the culture of innovation of that federal state, which is famous worldwide for its tinkerers and thinkers. In line with the occasion, LOBO also relied on innovative technical solutions by using ultra-bright sparks laser systems. Besides a spectacular, individualized opening and a grandiose laser finale, the individual award winners were also presented with laser projections during the award ceremony.

02C08400 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows Corporate Event Frankfurt Beam Show 03

Laser shows

Corporate Event, Festhalle Frankfurt

On the occasion of a sales meeting with several thousand participants, the production office Zweiplan is also looking for a highlight for this high-class customer as a conclusion of the event in the festival hall. LOBO was thus commissioned to create a spectacular laser performance that should literally burn itself into the memory of the spectators. It is clear to see that a perfectly staged laser show can impress thousands of guests like no other medium.

 Telenot 00

Laser shows

50 Years Telenot, Essingen

"50 Years - Together Into a Secure Future": This was the motto of the anniversary event, which LOBO realized holistically for the security technology manufacturer Telenot. The program was crowned with a laser show including a water screen and a star curtain, which was individualized for Telenot. Not only this equipment was provided by LOBO, but also the complete lighting and media technology - e.g. for live transmissions on several screens in the entire event area, including stage and rigging.

02C04100 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows Laser Display for an Exhibition 3

Laser shows

Exhibition „Fascination Light“, Berlin

As the federal minister of economy Clement and federal minister of education Bulmahn celebrated the new exhibition “Fascination Light” in the Hyatt Berlin, a LOBO laser show officially launched the event. Also within the exhibition itself LOBO helped in co-operation with Jenoptik to get young people interested in starting a career in the photonic industry.

02C00300 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows 80 Years Nirosta

Laser shows

Thyssenkrupp - 80 Years of Nirosta, Krefeld

The Thyssenkrupp subsidiary Nirosta, which enjoys world fame as a traditional brand for its stainless steel, celebrates its 80th anniversary glamorously in its factory halls at the Krefeld site. The generous dimensions allow the use of a laser truck which, as the highlight of the evening, depicts the last 10,000 years of human history in the form of a semi-transparent projection onto a water screen which comes to a halt on the anniversary date and spectacularly displays the current Nirosta products.

02C01800 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows Factory Opening Thyssen Krupp

Laser shows

Factory Opening Thyssen-Krupp, Wolfsburg

In the city where Volkswagen builds its cars, the supplier Thyssen-Krupp inaugurates a revolutionary laser welding plant. As nothing is more spectacular than presenting laser with lasers, LOBO transforms the factory with a large-scale mobile laser system and Water Screens® into a laser wonderland with a high-tech appeal.

 R T Innovationspreis 00

Laser shows

R+T Innovation Award Ceremony, Stuttgart Exhibition Center

Landesmesse Stuttgart has come up with something special for the R+T Innovation Award ceremony: The award winners of the different categories will be presented to the several hundred guests in the international congress center ICS by laser during the gala event. The projection of the logos of the individual award winners - synchronized with a recurring jingle - gives the sequence of events structure and a pleasantly stringent effect. Of course, a fascinating laser beam show as the crowning finale of the award ceremony should not be missing.

02C00700 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows Allianz Congress

Laser shows

Allianz ASP Show, Berlin Leipzig

At a venue with 5000 seats, LOBO stages a breathtaking performance with three UV painted body artists, throwing laser javelins on a hologram-like laser projection on a giant Water Screen® with a size of 30 x 15 meters. Each time a javelin hits the projection a fire ball blasts off at the point of entry.

 Sill Optics 120 Years 00

Laser shows

Sill Optics - 120th anniversary celebration, Nuremberg

Sill Optics, a medium-sized manufacturer of lenses and technical lenses with 250 employees, celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2014. In one of the company's warehouses, a respectable show is first presented to the invited VIPs - and, on the following days, on the occasion of the "Open Day" at hourly intervals - which, due to the limited budget, is also technically realized with a manageable effort. Nevertheless, the brilliance of the sparks® laser system and the high animation quality let the laser show become a highlight.

02C00200 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows BMW 5 series Launch

Laser shows

BMW 5-series presentation, Munich

An aircraft hangar of Munich Airport is the venue for a dealer presentation running for one week. Every day new dealers arrive for the presentation of the new BMW 5-series cars. LOBO Lasers welcome anyone who signed in with giant projections on the walls.

02C01700 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows European Windows Launch

Laser shows

Microsoft Internet Party, Zurich

Internet Explorer is all in train: Microsoft presents its new Internet Explorer with a gigantic laser show aided by aerialists during a huge party set in Zurich Main Station. A Laser Truck® with additional satellite systems as well as a massive Jet Water Screen® make it possible.

02G02300 Lasershow Eventservice Special Effects Staroil Show Bergen

Laser shows

Statoil, Bergen

Probably, the Grieghallen in Bergen have never seen a more spectacular show in their history: With dozens of musicians, world-class artistry, LED screens and sophisticated stage effects, the Norwegian oil company inaugurates a new pipeline network. LOBO lasers created a walk-through pipeline of laser light when entering the venue as well as various special effects and a giant projection within the show.

[Translate to English:]  Weihbrecht 30 Years 00

Laser shows

30 Years Weihbrecht, Wolpertshausen

Weihbrecht is a small medium-sized company with 65 employees for rapid prototyping laser and CNC technology. A brilliant company celebration for the 30th anniversary is at the same time the handover of the baton from the company founder to the second generation. This project also shows that laser shows are not just a solution for large corporations, but are also affordable for smaller companies. With a manageable use of equipment like a Multicolor-sparks® laser and two monochrome projectors as well as some moving lights, such a show is quite affordable - but thanks to the excellent product features of the LOBO systems, of course, still impressive.

EnBW ODR 10 Years 00

Laser shows

Gala Event "10 Years EnBW/ODR", Ellwangen

The service company in the field of energy and information technology EnBW/ODR celebrates its 10th anniversary with a gala event. An austere city hall is transformed into an attractive event location by LOBO's lighting concept. Highlight of the evening: A laser show with an individually produced trailer. The special feature of this project example is that it is the smallest possible solution - i.e. only a single laser projector is used. Nevertheless, the show unfolds an impressive effect.


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