LOBO is a major supplier of projection screens for much more than just laser display applications.

The following pages present just an excerpt of LOBO’s comprehensive product range consisting of 10 main product lines for motor-driven screens, 4 product lines for Water Screens® as well as approx. 20 different projection materials.

LOBO’s Water Screen® systems allow the creation of hologram-like projections. In addition to projection purposes, more and more architects, exhibit designers and stage designers are discovering LOBO Water Screens® as an innovative, natural and vivid creative element.

Projection Materials

Different applications and different ambient lighting conditions require different projection materials. While projection foils guarantee crisp and sharp front and rear projections of laser, video, slides and gobos, semi-transparent scrim materials can create fantastic spatial effects in rear projection.

The darker the screen, the less it reflects ambient light and the higher will be the resulting contrast ratio. All materials are available in almost any dimensions. In addition to the listed projection materials, LOBO supplies blackout fabrics, deco fabrics and sound-proof curtains.


Projection screens for laser, slides and video can be moved in many different ways. Based on years of practical experience, LOBO provides a broad range of professional screen drive systems for different applications.

All screen constructions have a common denominator: they are all available in different standard sizes and with almost any projection material. Their uncompromisingly rigid and road-proof design as well as their easy assembly make them ideal for mobile applications. On request, LOBO also supplies special projection solutions, such as mobile projection domes or special projection glass plates (Crystal Screens).

Water Screen

The curtain versions of LOBO Water Screens® are designed like a waterfall. Alignable water distribution segments with an extreme low weight (approx. 6 kg per meter) are fixed onto the ceiling or on a truss. Hundreds of little precision nozzles form an almost transparent projection

surface of water which makes it possible to rear-project under controlled lighting conditions hologram-like images which seem to float in the air. Its easy handling has also established Water Screens® as a creative element in exhibit design and architecture.

HD Water Screen

The high-density version of LOBO’s Water Screen® Curtains offer a three-fold higher density than the standard design, as it is equipped with more than 500 nozzles per meter and a powerful submersible pump. This high resolution ensures significantly brighter and crisper rear projections with video, laser, slide or gobo projectors – even under unfavorable lighting conditions. In interior design, these screens are used to build up transparent water walls, creating a unique atmosphere thanks also to their air-improving characteristics.

Especially for permanent installations and jobs under permament duty, LOBO provides an especially long-lasting V2A stainless steel version of its HD Water Screen® Curtains. This construction is not only corrosion-resistant, but also features a detachable nozzle plate for fast and easy cleaning. In comparision to the road version, it features a very sophisticated internal water flow design, ensuring an absolutely consistent water flow throughout the whole length of the water distribution segment.

Water Screen-Jet

The Jet Water Screen® consists of 2 m fountain segments which can be lined up to any desired width. Each element can be equipped with up to 8 individually-adjustable nozzles.

They form a dense wall of water jets which can reach a height of approx. 8-15 m, depending on the amount and type of the submersible pumps. Compared to other solutions on the market, its rectangular shape and its higher wind stability make the Jet Water Screen® ideal not only for laser, but also for video projections.

Water Screen-Spray

The Spray Water Screen® consists of a high-performance pump system feeding one central, exchangeable spray nozzle which forms an almost semi-circular water shield. Depending on the wind and the used spray nozzle, the usable diameter of the resulting projection surface of the standard versions ranges between 15 m up to a maximum of 42 m. For higher operational reliability, the LOBO Spray Water Screen® consists of one to three

completely separately-wired submersible multistage pumps (38 kW each). Versions suitable for sea water as well as floating variants for deeper waters are also available. Using the screen for video projections, the displayed content has to match the semi-circular shape.

Holo Flow

The Holo Flow Screen creates a virtually invisible walk-through screen, created by a laminar flow of mist onto which it is possible to rear-project video, lasers, gobos, etc., seemingly floating in mid-air.

The actual screen surface consists of a light, freely falling water mist, which is typically dispersed comletely in the surrounding air before it reaches the ground. So, there is no need for a water basin. The system can be operated by regular, softened drinking water, to be fed by an external water tank or by a permanent water connection.

Examples of use

To give you a better impression of the quality and flexible applications of the products, you can find photos and videos and different application examples here:

Holo Flow vs. Water Screen

Comparison of a Holo Flow and a High Density Water Screen for both video and laser projections. Here, the results on different projection surfaces (screen foil, Water Screen, Holo Flow) can be easily compared, as even a conventional video projection onto a foil is included as an example.

Fire Fountain

Close-up of a fire fountain in use; it is clearly visible how the fire ball actually reaches the top of the water fountain. As a water fountain, the height (up to max. 6 m) of the fire fountain WJF-10 can be regulated, featuring not only RGB LED lighting, but also an additional propane gas-based fire effect to generate a fire ball at the top of the fountain. All features can be controlled via DMX.

Campari Tour with Holo Flow

This video shows the high level of detail, i.e. 'resolution', of a Holo Flow, even during nightly event operation with many guests (and corresponding air draft) at a cocktail bar. For the Campari Tour Event 'Bitter Diaries', LOBO had the artist Ben Becker hold readings in various famous scene bars all over Germany as a hologram-like projection.

Holo Flow Projection Samples

Various example projections on a Holo Flow Screen show the possibilities of the different types of content that can be projected onto a Holo Flow via video projection. As can be easily discerned, both individual slogans as well as products and full animations can be shown on a Holo Flow effectively and with attention to detail.

Holo Flow Screen at a Fair Booth

3D projections like a hologram - even to walk through: this effect is an eyecatcher at any fair. At Prolight + Sound 2010, LOBO presented this new technology at the largest booth in the laser and multimedia sector. Dynamic, razor-sharp, hologram-like projections serve as a "walkable" advertisement slogan at the entrance to the fair booth - some visitors could barely believe their eyes!

Further details on the video

Test Run spray Water Screen

Typical test situation for a spray Water Screen of the TL-SPF series, at daylight in a reservoir - before delivery to the client. This video shows a spray Water Screen model TL-40SPF, featuring a central pump-nozzle-combination made from stainles steel. It generates a nearly semi-circular screen of water mist with a diameter of max. 30-40 m. The pumps are designed as multi-stage submersible pumps with cooling jacket, check valve, mesh filter. The central high-performance nozzle has a high gain factor and is exchangeable. The pictured switch cabinet is designed in protection class IP-55 and features an automatic star-delta soft start controlling, motor protection switch as well as fault current circuit breaker. In order to increase operational safety, it also has a triple redunant design.

Further details on the video


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